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Mall apps for 20 shopping centres

In partnership, iPoint and Mallinfo have developed and launched mobile apps for 20 shopping centres across South Africa, available on all platforms including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Microsoft and Mobi.
Shoppers are able to use the apps to find what they are looking for, from stores, events, specials and other interactive services.

"Our partnership has proven pivotal to our accelerated rollout of apps. We tap into their quality store content and present it on an alternative platform," said Pieter Geldenhyse of Mallinfo. "The collaboration has also presented many new opportunities by allowing us to bundle the various advertising opportunities on the mobile devices with the established digital wayfinder medium already in most of South Africa's major shopping centres."

Advertisers now have the opportunity to advertise directly with a particular shopper base in a point of purchase environment such as shopping centres.

16 button mobile app

The 16 button mobile app is the beginning for the partnership, in 2013 the following new features will be bundled on both the mobile and touch screen wayfinders.

  1. Treasure hunt - shoppers can take part in a treasure hunt using both the digital wayfinders and the malls own app to find clues across multiple devices and to win prizes. This high level of interactivity and entertainment will enable shopping malls to engage more with their shopper base.
  2. Gift ideas - shoppers will be able to use the digital devices to shop more effectively. They may input certain criteria such as age, gender and price range - the devices will then provide a list of possible gift ideas which are available to buy in that particular centre.
  3. Car finder - a parking guide providing shoppers with detailed directions back to where they parked.
  4. Coupons - The delivery of coupons will be offered to shoppers that register on the iPoint system, either via the mobile app or via the touch screen. These coupons will then be tailored to shoppers, based on their preferences.
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Richard Gee
which Centres?
Posted on 26 Mar 2013 14:55
Charles Netshivhera
app links?
Posted on 11 Oct 2019 13:06