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Winners and finalists for Colorful programme announced

The One Club for Creativity has announced the four winners and 13 finalists for Colorful: A Prelude to Young Guns.
Winners and finalists for Colorful programme announced

Colorful is a special grant programme to help up-and-coming Bipoc creatives around the world advance their careers.

This year’s grant winners, who receive a cash prize towards a professional dream project of their choosing and free entry to the Young Guns 20 competition, are as follows:

  • First place: Danica Tan Lijun, animation director, Los Angeles, $3,000.
  • Second place: Sebastian Hill-Esbrand, filmmaker, Kiddo Films, Vancouver, $2,000.
  • Third place: Andrew Kung, photographer, Andrew Kung Photography, Brooklyn, and Pau Tiu, creative director, Pau Tiu Creative Studio, Cainta (Philippines), $1,000. each

In addition, the following Colorful finalists qualify for free entry in YG20:

  • Mayara Lista Alcantara, illustrator and comic book artist, Rio de Janeiro
  • Carlos Bocai, graphic designer, Base, New York
  • Maya Umemoto Gorman, photographer, Los Angeles
  • Katty Huertas, illustrator, Washington DC
  • Jessy Kikabou, art director, Sid Lee, Paris
  • Eddy Lee, designer, Wolff-Olins, New York
  • Xinmei Liu, illustrator, New Jersey
  • Marte, graphic designer and illustrator, letterer, Buenos Aires
  • Shivani Parasnis, designer, Baltimore
  • João Vítor Porto, designer, 180 Amsterdam
  • Tamara Sangdow, director and creative director, Conde Nast Entertainment, Brooklyn
  • Leonardo Santamaria, illustrator, South Pasadena (US)
  • Jen Yoon, illustrator, Seoul

Work by all winners and finalists can be viewed here.

The Colorful grant program is open globally to Bipoc creatives who qualify for the club’s Young Guns competition: aged 30 years and under with at least two years of professional creative experience and never having won Young Guns in the past.

Candidates submitted links to six projects in their portfolio, as well as a short essay and a 60-second video (phone or webcam acceptable) to introduce themselves and describe their dream project. Submissions were reviewed by a Bipoc jury of past Young Guns winners.

“Congratulations to our second-year Colorful winners Danica, Sebastian, Andrew, Pau and all of the finalists who had absolutely fantastic entries,” said Rich Tu, group creative director at Jones Knowles Ritchie New York. “YG20 is going to be a heated competition if this group is any indication. With such phenomenal and diverse talent, the future is in good hands, and I can’t wait to see how they continue to shape the creative industry moving forward.”

The online entry system for Young Guns 20 is open, with a regular deadline of 14 July 2022 and a final deadline of 28 July, 2022.

Vibrant branding for this year’s Colorful program was created by Lebassis, the talented art director and lettering artist based in Rio de Janeiro and YG18 winner.

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