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Who said static can't be flexible?

Strangely, one of the most appealing attributes of static out of home (SOOH) is also one of the least appealing attributes, the cost. From the consumer's point of view, the expensive reputation associated with billboards is what drives trust in the platform. A brand that can afford to advertise on such a premium platform must be reputable and therefore trustworthy. And the bigger the better! The bigger the billboard, the more premium the brand, the deeper the trust.

Although OOH is the traditional media platform with the lowest cost per thousand (CPT), the production can still be a difficult pill to swallow. Even though, with SOOH, it is 100% your brand, 100% of the time, the enticing flexibility and zero production costs of digital OOH (DOOH) is difficult to compete with. For this reason, it is important to innovate and keep a competitive edge with SOOH creative.

But how do we make static flexible?

Interchangeable vinyl stickers are a cost-effective way to update your static creative. Flexface, also known as PVC, is capable of taking roughly 12 vinyl before needing to be replaced. This means that a brand can do monthly updates for a year before needing to replace the base creative of their billboard.

A cleverly designed base creative can allow a brand to easily update their SOOH with new products, fresh new designs, or even monthly instore deals, which is exactly what SuperSpar is doing in Burgersfort.

Two years ago, we initiated our interchangeable vinyl journey with SuperSpar at Twin City Mall in Burgersfort. Utilising our four-sided tower positioned right outside their store, and at a busy intersection, they designed a base creative to have four updateable “In-store Deal” blocks that allowed us to easily switch out the vinyl on a monthly basis.

Who said static can't be flexible?

Every month we installed four new monthly deals on the tower and after seven months of running this campaign they compared the turnover and units sold, year-on-year, and the impact was incredible!

The results were as follows:

    - 88% growth in turnover
    - 48% growth in units sold

These results were specific to the items advertised on the tower and equated to over R700,000 increase in turnover and over 13,000 more units sold. This also reminds us of the power of product placement at the point of purchase. A final reminder to a consumer entering the store or perhaps the initial driver to get the consumer in-store. Whatever the outcome, it has an undeniable effect in driving consumer behaviour.

The positive impact of the OOH campaign has made the client an advocate for the platform. The simple, hassle-free process allows them to easily update their deals for a minimal monthly fee, ensuring fresh creative and renewed reason to visit the store.

Mamela has over 30 Towers, and an additional 30 Super Signs, in proximity to malls and shopping centres nationwide that can level-up with interchangeable vinyl. Book now and keep your creative fresh for the festive season!

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