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Social media can be a menace to successful internet marketing

Are you willing to admit that you spend a lot of time on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, snap chat and LinkedIn? Are you ready to accept that your social media usage is slowly becoming an addiction? That you even deny your body sleep just because of social media?

Social media carries a following of millions of people from all over the world who excitedly share and connect with friends and family across the globe on a daily basis. There are very many platforms on the internet in which to have social media exchanges. If you are using social media as a marketing tool to either make profit or earn a living, you should know that you can quickly get consumed by it for hours on end, wasting time with no tangible benefit realised at the end of it all.

What’s worse is that you won’t even realise how much time you are wasting and how much profit you are not making until so much time has gone by. The purpose of this article is to educate you on the effects of social media and what you should do to become a successful online marketer.

The real problems of social media

Many people venture into internet marketing without having the necessary skills and knowledge on what social media marketing entails. Some, due to this confusion and the lack of knowledge, seek refuge in social media sites and groups for advice on how to be successful in online marketing. On the pretext of seeking guidance and help, many get caught in the decoy of being social and forget their goals in the first place.

You can easily spend hours on end looking through chats, posts, and messages providing opportunities and advice on internet marketing. The conversations and discussions with others on the forums can make you forget about time. Well, until you look at the clock and realise, "Oh, my God! It is three in the morning!" You’ve just lost a good eight hours of your time that could be spent sleeping. Remember this is just one night, and the saddest part is that looking at anything substantial you’ve learned... well, there is nothing, or just a little, that creates no significant impact in your quest for successful online marketing. How sad!

What can you do avoid all this?

First of all, you need to stay off the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter when you are still in the first stages of learning and getting to know the prerequisites of internet marketing. You can go back to joining Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all other essential social media sites when you have all the skills needed to propel your internet marketing business.

Direct all your attention, energy and time on making your business successful. It is your responsibility to take charge of the success of your business. Although you can seek guidance and advice from more experienced persons, at the end of the day your success lies in your hands.

There will be time for social media engagement; this will be after everything has materialised and all you need to do is progress with marketing on the social media sites. Understand that it is not wrong to engage in social media to connect with friends and the world in general. But as you work on building your internet marketing business, it is imperative that you give utmost importance to the steps, plans and objectives of your business plan if, at all, you want everything to turn out as anticipated.

Additionally, do not overwork your system. To create a business plan and see it through to its materialisation, you need to be on your best form; a good mental and physical state is most important in this case. As it is associated with most entrepreneurs, sleep is something that they tend to cast aside entirely. You need this sleep to function properly and be able to make smart business decisions. For more information on sleep and sleep tips visit

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