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Growthpoint installs waste-to-energy initiative at N1 City Mall

Growthpoint Properties has partnered with the Netherlands' Waste Transformers, installing an on-site, anaerobic digester at N1 City Mall in Cape Town. The plant processes waste from the mall to generate clean methane. This methane is consumed by an internal combustion engine to produce green electricity and hot water for the shopping centre. A fertiliser is also created, which will be used for the mall's gardens.

Nardo Snyman, sustainability specialist at Growthpoint Properties, says, “Organic waste is one of the last barriers to truly achieving net zero waste at a number of our properties. With rising levels of pollution in our country and our oceans, it is no longer a case of best practice to re-purpose our waste but rather a necessity. We are excited about this initiative as it is aligned with our commitment to environmental responsibility and economic empowerment. The containerised, small-scale, on-site approach to transforming waste into energy holds great potential. This pilot project will focus on positive impacts and financial feasibility and, if successful, we would look to roll it out to other Growthpoint Properties by 2022.”

Lara van Druten, CEO of The Waste Transformers, comments, “This project demonstrates how companies can cooperate in a mutually inclusive way that generates energy for positive economic and social change. We are excited at the opportunity to transform an unused resource – waste – into new energy for South Africa. And, we are truly delighted to embark on this journey with a company of the stature of Growthpoint.”
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