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Sick Leaves' Sugarplum Fairy dances on

“Last Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy” is the latest album from The Sick Leaves. It seems like Eksteen Jacobsz found his gusto on this third instalment from the one-man band. The album delivers track after track of medium- to fast-tempo tracks - a distinct move away from the harder indie rock of “Stone the Crow”.

Dance-floor beats

The first three tracks pull you in with catchy choruses and dance-floor beats. Coz You Like It is definitely one of my favourites. Run Away and Move Faster Than This take you back to a more classic Sick Leaves style with the superb guitar riffs the band has become synonymous with.

Richly layered

Classic rock n' roll makes a comeback in a big way with Heartland and K2 while Tell It Like It Is takes you on a wild ride of pure unadulterated riffs and licks. The Geisha Puppets - one of the most richly layered tracks on the album - and Come And Go return to the fast-paced tempo with enjoyable sing-along refrains.

Lighter, more fun

This album is definitely lighter and more fun than the darker, heavier “Stone the Crow”. Exploring different sounds on new albums is a major plus - it shows that a band is maturing and confident in its sound and has the ability to retain and expand its fan base without always playing it safe. This album will definitely see a new audience buying into The Sick Leaves.

Distinct, classic rock style

On this album you'll hear resonances of U2, The Killers, Coldplay, The Beatles, but mostly a distinct classic rock style unheard of in South Africa till now. The Sick Leaves has great potential as this album will set them apart from all the other mediocre attempts at making great music.

Kudos to Darryl Torr

Kudos to Darryl Torr, producer and mixer on the album, who's put together a well-integrated album that works ever so fluidly flowing from one tune to the next. An awesome effort by all - definitely one worth engaging.

Download Coz you like it by the Sick Leaves for free

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