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In-depth research into gay market expenditure released

Lunch Box Media (LBM) has released the results of its 'LBM Gay Consumer Profile', which was researched over three months from April 2012. Described as an in-depth and statistically relevant overview of the South African gay and lesbian consumer, its independently audited results show that this demographic has a higher than average disposable income (41% have over R10 000 available per month).
In addition, because the cost of raising children is usually not a factor, a large percentage of this disposable income is spent on luxury items. 81% of respondents make regular online purchases, considerably higher than mainstream consumers.

Supported by four of the largest pink online media owners, online respondents were asked a range of questions on consumer habits, preferences, purchasing patterns and motivations. Topics included employment, income, shopping, banking, credit cards, home ownership, cars, electronics, pets, television and media consumption.

Preferred luxury brands

Top luxury brands preferred by the respondents include Apple, Levis, Diesel, Guess, Samsung, Sony, Calvin Klein, Prada and Tag Heuer, amongst others.

Not only does this market spend large sums of disposable income on luxury brand items, 44% of respondents report travelling to exotic destinations at least once a year; Europe being the top destination. According to international studies, the gay and lesbian community contributes 10% of the global income in travel and tourism.

Brands wishing to increase their market share should reportedly consider that 60% of the survey respondents describe themselves as being brand loyal. Those brands that believe that they are already successfully reaching the gay and lesbian market through mainstream media may be surprised by the following findings:
  • 57% of the respondents feel that they are being ignored as consumers;
  • 76% say they would prefer to support brands that advertise within the pink media;
  • 45% feel that they are inaccurately portrayed by the media.
"What the survey has shown us is that members of the gay and lesbian market respond particularly well to brands that specifically target them in a medium that understands and respects their lives and reality," commented LBM owner, Donovan Steyl.

For more, email or download the full Consumer profile 2012.
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