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Turbulence Studios - Animation wizards specialising in public health and educational campaigns

Turning offputting factual information into captivating edutainment. Lift-off guaranteed.

Turbulence Studios, a boutique 2D animation studio based in Cape Town, South Africa, and with representation in Johannesburg as well as London, United Kingdom, has launched a brand-new website,, to showcase its creative portfolio.

Having built a solid reputation in the edutainment field through its work on comprehensive sexual education for several international NGOs, Turbulence Studios is no doubt a public health and education specialist. However, it has taken on everything from explainer made-for-digital videos and opening sequence titles to animated series and commercials.

The studio is home to a highly trained and experienced crew of scriptwriters and animators, masters in the art and craft of storytelling. They harness their creative energy to deliver various messages in wildly imaginative ways, and not even the confines of tight budgets can dent their enthusiasm. (On that note, as a South African company, Turbulence Studios is the perfect partner for international clients looking to take advantage of a favourable exchange rate.)

As experts in adolescent health, sexuality and reproductive rights messaging, Turbulence Studios has long been aware of the value of short animation videos to get message across in an entertaining, memorable, yet clear and concise manner, especially when short turnaround times, such as during the Covid-19 pandemic, are paramount. Now, it’s looking to capitalise on this expertise and stretch its wings.

“We have done a lot of work on our company structure as the Waymenel Group to position our companies such as Turbulence Studios for South African clients, yes, but also for more international work as we have become the flexible, beyond-borders service provider that can handle anything, everywhere,” says founding partner Anthony Wayment-Nel.

“The coronavirus has certainly opened companies’ eyes to a ‘new normal’ in the ways we do business, and instead of scaring us, it thrilled us, because we were already embracing and preparing for it. We’re totally in the right place at the right time for public health and education.”

Here’s a peek at what Turbulence Studios is all about.

If your “cheeky peek” piques your interest - pun intended – do reach out to us on:

moc.soiduts-ecnelubrut@ofni. If you’d prefer the personal touch and wish to talk to someone, reach out to +27 87 551 1380. Team Turbulence are waiting to turn your flight of fancy into animated artistry.




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