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Elections 2024

Prince Mashele on the EFF in South Africa

Prince Mashele on the EFF in South Africa

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    Know your business inside out with a Biz Office

    New expectations of transparency and authenticity in business means things like organisational purpose, brand stories, how your company does things, what it believes in and what it stands for, can all play a part in how your company sees itself and how it is seen by others.
    Know your business inside out with a Biz Office

    Being open, authentic and transparent about the organisation is the new norm

    From global giant to startup, every company website has an About Us page. Revisiting this vital ‘About Us’ content can be a starting point in ensuring core company information and values remain relevant or the reevaluation of how they may have shifted due to changing market conditions since they were first written.

    Why is vision important?

    According to Forbes, “Employees who find their company’s vision to be meaningful have average engagement scores of 68%, while the average for those who don’t is down around 18% – a sizeable difference! states: “By creating a vision statement, you are boosting the long-term success of the organization through better strategic planning. You define the values and the guiding objectives for the business, making it easier to plan future actions. But you are also improving the bottom line because you align the business’ processes with the vision and you inspire your employees and stakeholders to subscribe to your vision... get to the heart of what it is your business does”.

    How a Biz Press Office can clarify vision inside and out

    The “glass box” nature of a Biz Press Office offers a shop window, which effectively communicates corporate vision both internally and outwards to external prospects and stakeholders. These vision statements can be core to your company’s content strategy.

    “About 70% of workers don’t understand company’s vision at all. Not only is this bad for engagement but if an employee doesn’t understand the company vision, they likely don’t understand specific goals either. This makes it nigh on impossible to align their work with overall strategy.”

    Bizcommunity’s multi-industry B2B environment provides front-page distribution for branded content ensuring the window on your organisation’s reputation stays polished and relevant, allowing it to embrace the new trends in business transparency and authenticity. Seven-day website front page, newsletter and mobile exposure across 19 industries in Africa is just the start of the journey for company news on Biz.

    With a vision statement, you are saying, “this is where we want to be, this is what you deserve to create”.

    Your company thought leadership, opinion, white papers, branded content and event news distributed to our 490,000 readers, offer a vital window into the intellectual capital of our region for local, global and pan-African audiences.

    Polish your company vision. Join over 400 top companies publishing in 19 industry sectors on Bizcommunity

    Where 370 companies in 18 industries trust Biz Press Office newsrooms to publish corporate content, on Africa's indispensable B2B news media. Enquire about a newsroom like this for your company on
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