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Digemy wins Pan Finance’s Best Financial Literacy Program for Q4 2023, a leading South African micro-learning platform, is thrilled to announce its recent accolade - Best Financial Literacy Program for Quarter 4, 2023, awarded by global print journal and news website, Pan Finance. This honour recognises Digemy's commitment to harnessing the transformative power of micro-learning to foster financial literacy and skills development.
Digemy wins Pan Finance’s Best Financial Literacy Program for Q4 2023

Founded on the belief that education is the cornerstone of progress, Digemy is revolutionising the way training is delivered and perceived. Through engaging, byte-sized courses tailored to today's fast-paced world, Digemy empowers individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills needed for continual improvement and informed decision-making.

Digemy has spent the better part of the last decade developing a consumer-grade, multi award-winning micro-learning platform, centred around measuring and maximising knowledge retention. “At its core, we built Digemy to solve the problem of forgetting”, says founder and CEO, Kobus Louw.

According to Louw, the well-documented fact that we forget 80% of what we’re taught just a month after training, renders even the best-intentioned training ineffective, resulting in disengaged and disempowered learners. “Despite training investment, because we can’t apply what we can’t remember, and can’t master what we can’t apply, we see diminishing returns on training investment”.

“True learning that results in behavioural change demands memory. And, typically, we remember in one of two ways - through heightened emotion - or repetition. We’ve built a platform with powerful algorithms that measures knowledge retention and reinforces concepts over time until they are mastered”, explains Louw. “This ‘spaced repetition’ is delivered according to individual knowledge gaps, resulting in automated, scalable personalised learner journeys across organisations. With this approach, we’ve been able to increase knowledge retention while reducing training time”.

Louw’s very personal journey in the education system saw him overcome learning difficulties through neuroscientific memory methods, leaving him passionate about the power of repetition and other memory techniques. “No learner should ever feel inadequate or incapable because they can’t remember training material delivered through traditional in-person or LMS platforms. By harnessing the power of spaced repetition, anyone can master just about anything in just a few minutes a day”, asserts Louw.

The Pan Finance awards programme was established as a true indicator of excellence. The Best Financial Literacy Program award forms part of this series of accolades that recognise innovation, excellence, and impact in the global financial sector. Digemy's selection underscores its outstanding achievements in leveraging technology to make education accessible and engaging for all.

Nominee shortlists are curated by our editorial team with an emphasis on relevance. Following the nomination process, a research team gathers extensive intelligence on shortlisted organisations and individuals. Final evaluations are made by a panel of experienced business journalists before a recommendation is made to the editorial team.

"This award is a testament to our team's dedication and hard work," says Louw. "In a time when financial literacy is more important than ever, we're honoured to be recognised for our contribution to educating and empowering communities around financial wellness."

With this prestigious award, Digemy reaffirms its commitment to changing lives by breaking down barriers to learning. The platform continues to expand its offerings, through partnerships with NPOs and leading corporates, and plans to introduce more courses and features designed to meet the evolving needs of learners, worldwide.

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About Digemy

Digemy is a turnkey training solution provider and mobile micro-learning platform dedicated to delivering impactful, high-quality training solutions. Aside from offering a range of financial literacy courses designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for personal growth, Digemy specialises in transforming organisational training for operational optimisation at the frontline, with clients spanning financial services, retail, manufacturing and information technology.


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CEO and Founder
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Digemy transforms training for operational excellence, retention and return. By combining micro-learning platform technology, neuroscience and learning design, we exponentially increase training impact and enable data-led operational optimisation.
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