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Bizcommunity links State of the Nation's YouTube content to its platform

From this week The State of the Nation is amplifying its burgeoning YouTube channel, with this content now accessible through the ever-popular online website, Bizcommunity and newsletter platforms.
From this week The State of the Nation is accessible through Bizcommunity
From this week The State of the Nation is accessible through Bizcommunity

In this watershed election year for South Africa, Bizcommunity’s Election 2024 news feed widget aims to empower and encourage participation of its business community readers through in-depth information on the broader economic impact of political decisions from the State of the Nation and other stakeholders that profoundly affect the future of our region.

Since 2009 The State of the Nation’s highly regarded in-person business breakfasts and webinars, at the Sandton Convention Centre, Cape Town’s CTICC and in Durban, has attracted substantial business audiences.

Pivot to online

After Covid, it was necessary to pivot to online platforms.

This has resulted in The State of the Nation becoming one of the highest-viewed, fastest-growing sources for political and economic information in South Africa, reaching 100,000 subscribers and 3,2 million YouTube views in just 13 months, with a push into other channels including Facebook, Tik Tok as well as short video channels.

Significant South Africans featured

The show’s format features in-depth interviews and insights with a full spectrum of significant South African role players, prominent politicians, analysts, and economists.

Examples of recent guests include EFF’s Carl Niehaus on RET, son of prominent advocate Dali Mpofu, Dr Sizwe Mfufu Walsh, BOSA’s Musi Maimane, and Action SA’s provincial chair, Bongani Baloyi - who all delivered truly comprehensive overviews of the state of our nation.

Guests to look forward to include the spokesperson for the MK Party and more.

A journey into SA's political and business realms

State of the Nation is not just an interview series, it's a journey into the heart of South Africa's political and business realms.

The platform unravels complexities through thought-provoking conversations, spotlighting voices shaping the nation's narrative, from entrepreneurs driving economic change to politicians steering policy decisions.

The commitment of State of the Nation extends beyond headlines, offering raw, unfiltered discussions that challenge perspectives and present insights driving informed discourse. It's more than a channel; it's a community where every voice matters.

The platform's dedication to substance is evident in every discussion, reminding viewers that pursuing truth is a continuous journey.


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