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#MEX20 closes with multi-Grammy-winning composer Rachel Z
#MEX20 closes with multi-Grammy-winning composer Rachel ZArticle

Two-time Grammy winner, Rachel Z will close the annual Music Exchange conference on Sunday, 20 September at 12pm on the Ticketpro platform...

Martin Myers 16 Sep 2020

#MusicExchange: Just Jinjer's Brent Harris releases 'Superstition' remix
#MusicExchange: Just Jinjer's Brent Harris releases 'Superstition' remixArticle

After the incredible success of Just Jinjer drummer Brent Harris's online version of Stevie Wonder's 1972 hit "Superstition" and numerous requests from radio stations for the song, it has been released. ..

Martin Myers 9 Sep 2020

Charles and Arthur Goldstuck to open #MEX20
Charles and Arthur Goldstuck to open #MEX20Article

This 10th edition of Music Exchange (#MEX20) will be opened by Charles and Arthur Goldstuck. The entertainment-economy-invested conference runs from 10-20 September...

7 Sep 2020

#MusicExchange: James Deacon releases new EP
#MusicExchange: James Deacon releases new EPArticle

Multi-instrumentalist James Deacon's new EP "Renegade" is a shout out to anyone who feels like they don't belong and reinforces his ability to lyrically and musically stand out from the crowd by staying true to himself...

Martin Myers 2 Sep 2020

#MEX20: Music Exchange celebrates 10th year with 10 speakers in 10 days
#MEX20: Music Exchange celebrates 10th year with 10 speakers in 10 daysArticle

Music Exchange is being held for the 10th year in 2020 and to celebrate, the entertainment-economy-invested conference is set to showcase 10 speakers in 10 days from 10 to 20 September 2020...

31 Aug 2020

#MusicExchange: GoodLuck releases new single - Q&A with Juliet Harding
#MusicExchange: GoodLuck releases new single - Q&A with Juliet HardingArticle

Electro-pop band GoodLuck have released a new single Rum & Cola on their own label Get Lucky Records...

Martin Myers 26 Aug 2020

#MusicExchange: Kyle Watson's latest remix is a novel sound from one of South Africa's biggest dance music exports
#MusicExchange: Kyle Watson's latest remix is a novel sound from one of South Africa's biggest dance music exportsArticle

Kyle Watson's remix of Tatum's "Fever" is a novel sound from one of South Africa's biggest dance music exports...

Martin Myers 19 Aug 2020

#MusicExchange: EJ von Lyrik releases new single
#MusicExchange: EJ von Lyrik releases new singleArticle

Singer/songwriter EJ von Lyrik and Roeshdien Jaz released a new single entitled "Want What You Can't Have"...

Martin Myers 12 Aug 2020

#MusicExchange: Judith Sephuma to launch live studio show
#MusicExchange: Judith Sephuma to launch live studio showArticle

Multi-award-winning songstress Judith Sephuma, aka The Queen of Afro-jazz, has recorded a 66-minute on-demand live studio show that will enable fans to watch the show at their leisure, any time between 8 and 22 August 2020...

Martin Myers 5 Aug 2020

#MusicExchange: Francois Van Coke to pay tribute to Johnny Clegg
#MusicExchange: Francois Van Coke to pay tribute to Johnny CleggArticle

Francois Van Coke will join a host of artists to pay tribute to Johnny Clegg in the Digital Tribute Concert on 31 July 2020...

Martin Myers 30 Jul 2020

#MusicExchange: B Charles releases new single
#MusicExchange: B Charles releases new singleArticle

Cape Town R&B singer B Charles aka Branton Charles recently returned home after years of performing in Spain. Last Friday he released his new single entitled "Good Times"...

Martin Myers 21 Jul 2020

#MusicExchange: Unathi launches mentorship programme with TurnUp Music
#MusicExchange: Unathi launches mentorship programme with TurnUp MusicArticle

TurnUp Music has launched a fantastic mentorship programme and one of the artists giving back is Unathi...

Martin Myers 14 Jul 2020

#MusicExchange: Louise Carver to host first-ever live in-studio performance
#MusicExchange: Louise Carver to host first-ever live in-studio performanceArticle

Louise Carver is extremely excited to announce her first-ever live in-studio performance to take place on Sunday, 12 July 2020...

Martin Myers 7 Jul 2020

#MusicExchange: Jarrad Ricketts releases new single
#MusicExchange: Jarrad Ricketts releases new singleArticle

Jarrad Ricketts has won over the hearts of South Africans since the release of his Sama-nominated debut album Break The Rules. Today, he brings a message of hope with his first gospel single entitled "You Are Lord"...

Martin Myers 30 Jun 2020

#MusicExchange: Luna Paige celebrates 21 years in music
#MusicExchange: Luna Paige celebrates 21 years in musicArticle

Luna Paige is celebrating her 21st year in the music industry. She challenged herself to write new material and introduce it to her fans and new audiences during 2020...

Martin Myers 24 Jun 2020

#MusicExchange: Jarrod Aston launches online music concert Lockdown legends
#MusicExchange: Jarrod Aston launches online music concert Lockdown legendsArticle

Jarrod Aston, formerly from the band Cinema - we all remember the earworm of a song called My Kind of Girl and Face to Face - has put together a major streaming concert called Lockdown legends...

Martin Myers 18 Jun 2020

#MusicExchange: Ruff Majik release first single for new album The Devil's Cattle
#MusicExchange: Ruff Majik release first single for new album The Devil's CattleArticle

South African sludge 'n roll wizards Ruff Majik have unleashed "All You Need Is Speed", the first single from their upcoming full-length album The Devil's Cattle, which is set for release on 10 July 2020 via Mongrel Records...

Martin Myers 9 Jun 2020

#MusicExchange: Tatum addresses a toxic relationship in debut EP
#MusicExchange: Tatum addresses a toxic relationship in debut EPArticle

Tales of a toxic relationship are manifested in Tatum's debut EP Bloodsport...

Martin Myers 3 Jun 2020

#MusicExchange: December Streets confront the "Haters"
#MusicExchange: December Streets confront the "Haters"Article

Local sensations December Streets have climbed to fame over the years with their dynamic and addictive indie-pop hits, most recently resulting in singles such as "Wild Heart", "Summertime" and "Messed Up"...

Martin Myers 27 May 2020

#MusicExchange: Jann Klose
#MusicExchange: Jann KloseArticle

Singer, songwriter Jann Klose commemorates his dearly departed manager in an emotional lockdown-produced music video...

Martin Myers 20 May 2020

#MusicExchange: Jaydon Lewis
#MusicExchange: Jaydon LewisArticle

A wunderkind with the Midas touch, Jaydon Lewis has continuously astounded listeners with his powerful and dynamic production...

Martin Myers 8 May 2020

#MusicExchange: Donovan Copley raises funds for Covid-19 Feed a Child Coalition
#MusicExchange: Donovan Copley raises funds for Covid-19 Feed a Child CoalitionArticle

Donovan Copley, frontman of Cape Town Afro-pop band Hot Water, delivers a heartwarming lockdown music video for the brand-new single "Home" to raise funds for the Covid-19 Feed a Child Coalition...

Martin Myers 30 Apr 2020

#MusicExchange: Niyaaz Arendse
#MusicExchange: Niyaaz ArendseArticle

Capetonian Niyaaz Arendse is 24 years old and making waves fast. His debut single "Don't Need It" was released three weeks ago and is already charting on the KFM top 40...

Martin Myers 23 Apr 2020

#MusicExchange: Amy Tjasink
#MusicExchange: Amy TjasinkArticle

The amazing Amy Tjasink, who captured hearts on The Voice SA, is a consummate songwriter and performer...

Martin Myers 16 Apr 2020

#MusicExchange: Cindy Alter
#MusicExchange: Cindy AlterArticle

Cindy Alter is an internationally-successful, award-winning, chart-topping, multi-million album-selling singer and songwriter from South Africa...

Martin Myers 8 Apr 2020

#MusicExchange: The Kiffness
#MusicExchange: The KiffnessArticle

The Kiffness headlines K-Day this weekend in Cape Town and has a Number One song on iTunes at the moment with new single "Wiggle A Bit" with Nathan Ro. Martin Myers caught up with founder and brainchild David Scott...

Martin Myers 3 Mar 2020

#MusicExchange: Mango Groove
#MusicExchange: Mango GrooveArticle

Martin Myers chats to the iconic Claire Johnston from Mango Groove ahead of their headline slot at the the upcoming KDay on the 7 March 2020...

Martin Myers 18 Feb 2020

#MusicExchange: Yoav
#MusicExchange: YoavArticle

Singer-songwriter,Yoav will be performing at The Cape Town Folk 'n Acoustic Music Festival at Kirstenbosch on Sunday, 16 February...

Martin Myers 11 Feb 2020

#MusicExchange: Zacas
#MusicExchange: ZacasArticle

Sometimes it takes an epic journey to gather up the life experience to make an album that is at once timeless and beautiful. This is precisely what transpired with Zacas whose debut album, Corner House, marks a significant moment for South Africa's folk-pop scene - and introduces a sublimely talented duo to the international music arena...

Martin Myers 4 Feb 2020

Music Exchange hosts masterclass with Tom Novy
Music Exchange hosts masterclass with Tom NovyGallery

Music Exchange hosted a masterclass at Radisson Red Cape Town with international superstar Tom Novy on 1 February.

3 Feb 2020

#MusicExchange: WONDERboom
#MusicExchange: WONDERboomArticle

"Voodoo Doll" is the brand new single from iconic SA rock band, WONDERboom and takes the award-winning quartet into a harder realm, which fans have been calling for...

Martin Myers 14 Jan 2020

#MusicExchange: Aron Halevi
#MusicExchange: Aron HaleviArticle

Aron Halevi is a multi-award-winning musician in Cape Town, South Africa. He founded Freshlyground in 2002 and has just released his first solo album, Rise...

Martin Myers 18 Dec 2019

#MusicExchange: Nianell
#MusicExchange: NianellArticle

Nianell the Windhoek-born, double Sama award-winning, mom-of-triplets who's scored such chart hits as "Who Painted the Moon", "Angel Tongue" and "Life's Gift" has just released her debut book, a reflection on spirituality, titled Life Simplified...

Martin Myers 11 Dec 2019

#MusicExchange: Steve Kekana
#MusicExchange: Steve KekanaArticle

"Keep Our World Alive" is an emotive new single with a global purpose raising awareness of the common crisis we face with climate change and water shortage...

Martin Myers 3 Dec 2019

#MusicExchange: Monique Hellenberg
#MusicExchange: Monique HellenbergArticle

Dynamic singer Monique Hellenberg is the voice behind Goldfish's mega-hit "This Is How It Goes". She has just returned from working in the Far East for the past few months...

Martin Myers 19 Nov 2019

#MusicExchange: Nathan Ro
#MusicExchange: Nathan RoArticle

Nathan Ro (real name Jonathan Ross) first appeared in the public eye as a contestant on Project Fame back in 2005...

Martin Myers 5 Nov 2019

#MusicExchange: Dr Victor
#MusicExchange: Dr VictorArticle

Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels will be performing at the 'Alistair Izobell the Rebirth Showcase', accompanied by Lira, Jarrad Ricketts and more, at the GrandWest Grand Arena in Cape Town this Saturday, 26 October 2019...

Martin Myers 22 Oct 2019

#MusicExchange: Kurt Darren
#MusicExchange: Kurt DarrenArticle

Kurt Darren - a doyen of SA music - has a new single out, and is busier than ever. We sent him some quick fire questions to find out what makes him tick...

Martin Myers 15 Oct 2019

#MusicExchange: David Kramer
#MusicExchange: David KramerArticle

David Kramer's Danger in the Dark comes to the Baxter Theatre for a limited season only; from 11 October to 2 November at 7.30pm with Saturday matinees at 2pm...

Martin Myers 8 Oct 2019

#MusicExchange: David Watkyns
#MusicExchange: David WatkynsArticle

Cape Town-based singer-songwriter David Watkyns recently released his brilliant debut single "Magic" - which is out now across all digital platforms...

Martin Myers 1 Oct 2019

Shannon Mowday. Image credit: CF Wesenberg.
#MusicExchange: Shannon MowdayArticle

In Cape Town, this weekend, Shannon Mowday's Lila will be on at the Nassau Centre, Groote Schuur High School, Palmyra Road, Newlands...

Martin Myers 25 Sep 2019

Didi & Jules performing at #MEX19.
#MusicExchange: Didi & JulesArticle

What happens when you combine a classically-trained violinist and a musical theatre-trained singer-actor? The result is a duo called Didi & Jules...

Martin Myers 17 Sep 2019

Highlights from #MEX19
Highlights from #MEX19Gallery

Music Exchange (#MEX19), South Africa's only entertainment-economy-focused conference, was held for the ninth time from 13 to 15 September 2019 at the Radisson Red Hotel at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Stage and recording artist icon, David Kramer delivered one of the two keynote address at MEX19. Candice Pillay was the other keynote speaker. Music Exchange was also honoured and recognised by the Western Cape Government for its contribution to Arts and Culture in March, and this year's conference will have an overarching theme of "rights". The conference started on Friday 13 September, with all three major collecting agencies in the country - sharing the podium at the country's only annual conference that seeks to empower South Africa's entertainment economy.

17 Sep 2019

#MusicExchange: Frank Paco
#MusicExchange: Frank PacoArticle

Drummer Frank Paco - who hails from Mozambique - and his three-piece band, the Art Ensemble, will be at Radisson Red on Friday night as part of Music Exchange 2019...

Martin Myers 11 Sep 2019

Candice Pillay to speak at #MEX19
Candice Pillay to speak at #MEX19Article

South African-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Candice Pillay will be speaking this year's Music Exchange (#MEX19)...

5 Sep 2019

#MusicExchange: Jerome Rex
#MusicExchange: Jerome RexArticle

Ghoema Award-winning hip-hop, soul singer and rapper Jerome Rex and his six-piece band will have you enthralled as they musically share their journeys in the show entitled Lyrics Still Matter at the Cape Town Comedy Club on 11 and 12 September 2019...

Martin Myers 3 Sep 2019

David Kramer and other #MEX19 highlights
David Kramer and other #MEX19 highlightsArticle

Stage and recording artist icon David Kramer is set to deliver the keynote address at this year's Music Exchange (#MEX19)...

29 Aug 2019

#MusicExchange: Thandeka Dladla
#MusicExchange: Thandeka DladlaArticle

Thandeka Dladla is a versatile vocalist who is equally at home in the jazz and Afro-soul spheres...

Martin Myers 27 Aug 2019

#MusicExchange: Micaela Kleinsmith
#MusicExchange: Micaela KleinsmithArticle

Micaela Kleinsmith is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who KFM named as one of the top 10 singer-songwriters in Cape Town...

Martin Myers 20 Aug 2019

#MusicExchange: Marianthe Panas
#MusicExchange: Marianthe PanasArticle

There's a fresh new face on the local pop front as 18-year-old Marianthe bursts onto the music scene with her powerful debut single "Me & Myself"...

Martin Myers 13 Aug 2019

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