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Marketers, we love what you're doing... now you can #DoMore with sponsorship

Bizcommunity Sponsorships allow a number of options for brands to associate and align their values with a positive snapshot of business confidence in our region.
Marketers, we love what you're doing... now you can #DoMore with sponsorship

In marketing, the term brand association refers to all the characteristics and qualities that come to mind when thinking of a particular product, service or brand. Positive brand association influences not only consumer purchase decisions but also other business decision-making, company values and marketing activity.

Sponsorship deals, whether of traditional media, social media, sports or entertainment channels, have long been regarded as a powerful and effective way to communicate brand values, by association.

The B2B media has become a great place to extend positive brand associations, being seen in a trusted business environment with aligned brand values and audiences.

A recent memorable example of brand association via media sponsorship has been Mercedes Benz’s 2016 underwriting of the South African content platform Beautiful News, which cleverly positioned the automotive brand as central to positive narratives and demonstrated the potential that brands have in helping to steer important business and societal conversations.

Bizcommunity’s dedicated B2B platforms allow brands to cultivate the positive associations of business confidence in our region, by aligning sponsor brands with content that enables, inspires, educates and motivates in a valuable African business media space.

When people think of a specific brand, certain qualities or characteristics come to mind. These associations then become rooted in the minds of consumers and are what differentiate one brand from another…but where do you get the information you need? Maddie Duke ~

Along with creative campaigns, good design and sound consumer insights, B2B media sponsorship can be a valuable part of the marketing mix for advertisers and marketers.

Bizcommunity Sponsorship options:

  1. Biz Portal Sponsorship:
  2. Offers access to 19 business audiences, which brands may not have otherwise had access to. The perfect PR-positive environment that places your brand top-and-centre of your industry sector, extending media reach and coverage, allows marketers to be seen to be caring about outcomes in their sector - choose from IT, Education, Entertainment Economy, ESG & Sustainability, Finance, Healthcare … View all Biz Portal Sponsorships>>

  3. Content Feature Sponsorship:
  4. Ready-made relevance. Sponsorship of Biz Content Features such BizTrends, Africa Month, Youth Month and Women’s Month or regular columns such as Behind the Selfie, Music Exchange, Orchids&Onions, Newsmakers and more, and align your brand with like-minded business audiences. View all Biz Content Features>>

  5. Event Sponsorship
  6. Associate with excellence! Our media partnerships with leading industry events in 19 sectors, gives your brand’s sponsorship access to front row business audiences, unique coverage, winners and leaders in your industry. Choose Cannes Lions, Loeries, Ecom Africa, World Travel Market and more with multi-platform exposure… View all Biz Event Sponsorships>>

  7. BizTakeouts Multimedia Content Sponsorship
  8. Multi-channel for multi-tasking audiences. Make possible the best possible multimedia content with the best possible exposure. Produced by Bizcommunity in collaboration with your stakeholders. The option that associates your brand with ready-made or bespoke series, topics and stakeholder interviews. View example of BizTakeouts Multimedia Content Sponsorship.

Sponsorship deals ideal for brand association

Cost-effective and tailored; associating your brand purpose with the individuals and organisations whose values align with yours, at the heart of your chosen industry, in the heart of your business community, is a sure thing.

Not only will you enjoy great brand association in 19 industry audiences and the trusted reputation that precedes them, you’ll also be able to track your investment in your brand association, as stats and analytics are readily available.

Sponsorship options in B2B media can make smaller enterprises look more influential in their categories while enabling bigger organisations to look like they are giving back to their industries, with educational or thought leader content that empowers their industries, economies and regions.

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