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#MEX Music Exchange News South Africa

#MEX23: Keynote speakers named for Music Exchange 2023

Meng Ru Kuok (US), Marc Marot (UK) and Dr Trevor Jones (UK) have been announced as speakers at this year's Music Exchange (#MEX23) Conference, taking place from 22-24 June 2023 at the Market Hall at GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World in Cape Town.
Meng Ru Kuok, group CEO and founder of Caldecott Music Group. Image supplied
Meng Ru Kuok, group CEO and founder of Caldecott Music Group. Image supplied

Meng Ru Kuok is the group CEO and founder of Caldecott Music Group, a global music industry investor and innovator spanning multiple sectors, including digital (BandLab Technologies), media (NME Networks), and manufacturing and retail (Vista Musical Instruments).

Caldecott Music Group's mission

By integrating the physical, digital, and social supply chain around music, CMG brings together brands and people passionate about music, allowing them to deliver authentic content, products, and experiences for all music lovers. CMG portfolio brands include BandLab, Cakewalk, MONO, Harmony, Heritage Guitars, Teisco, Swee Lee, NME,, MusicTech and Uncut.

The Music Exchange 2023 intent

At the core, Music Exchange (#MEX23) is a veritable teacher, delivering critically needed skills to the entertainment economy. It exists to serve the greater good of all stakeholders by promoting and fostering prosperity and sustainability within the arts sector and beyond.

A vibrant world-class South African music industry is premised on successful homegrown talent intent on attaining global reach and international acclaim.

MEX ensures the successful sharing of experiences and knowledge of keynote speakers with creatives participating in panel discussions, workshops, and showcases. After all, we can all do with inspiration and global best practices to apply immediately in our professional lives.

MEX brings together the finest local and international thought leaders to address a range of topical and relevant issues the industry faces today. Think Sampa, Samro, radio, the Copyright Amendment Bill, podcasts, PR, marketing, and monetising the entertainment economy – now and into the future.

#MEX23: Keynote speakers named for Music Exchange 2023

The power of the network

The pandemic is behind us. It’s time to scrub up, head out and socialise. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to escape social media for a day or two and relish real-life conversations with fellow creatives?

Great music. Great content. Great people.

At just R250 for full access to all three days of #MEX23, including free entrance to Jazzathon 2023, the value and the calibre of content, and those delivering it, is unmatched.

Music Exchange 2023 (#MEX23) Conference – 22, 23 and 24 June 2023 @ Roxy Hall – GrandWest Casino & Entertainment World, Goodwood, Cape Town.

Tickets are on sale now at Quicket.

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