Retail News South Africa's 2nd annual Heritage Day design challenge launches today

Launching today, local online retailer,'s, Heritage Day Challenge, will print one million Takealot boxes during the December festive season with the winner's unique design.
Source: My Broadband  The 2022 Takealot Heritage Day Design Challenge, winner, Tshepo Masilo's design
Source: My Broadband My Broadband The 2022 Takealot Heritage Day Design Challenge, winner, Tshepo Masilo's design

The winner also gets a R100,000 Takealot voucher and a R10,000 voucher for a charity of their choice. Plus, for students entering the challenge, an additional voucher valued at R20,000 will be awarded to their school.

The Takealot Heritage Day Challenge is an open call to all South Africans to redesign the iconic Takealot box by drawing on their unique heritage.

By using the colours of the South African flag, entrants can express their culture, history and heritage.

“To help bolster South Africa’s sense of cultural pride, we are again encouraging South Africans to embrace and express their unique cultural perspectives through art. This challenge is a platform to showcase the incredible talent of South African artists, and even more importantly, to create an opportunity of economic empowerment for artists," says Frederik Zietsman, chief executive officer of

Enabler for SA art

“In our previous challenge, we saw incredible South African talent come to light, and it helped us realise that we can be a powerful enabler for South African art. With that said, this challenge is not only for artists, but all design enthusiasts who want to show their creative insight into South African heritage,” adds Zietsman.

The winner of the 2022 Takealot Heritage Day Design Challenge, Tshepo Masilo, saw his career as an artist take a new dimension after the challenge.

“The challenge really impacted my outlook on art creation,” he says. “It reaffirmed that authentic storytelling of our roots can resonate deeply with people, and the validation received from the competition gave me the courage to embrace my unique style and cultural heritage even more.”

Masilo is a guest judge in this year;s competition joining Bontle Moloi, Emo Adams, Kwesta, Takealot Group CEO Mamongae Mahlare and CEO Frederik Zietsman in choosing the winner.

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