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Helping NPOs unleash their potential through tech

In the wake of the pandemic, non-profit organisations (NPOs) are facing more demand for their services, yet they're also experiencing more constraints on their funding and capacity. To succeed in their mission, it's more important than ever for NPOs to take full advantage of digital technology to improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness.
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Robust systems and processes have an invaluable role to play. Cloud-based accounting, payroll and people solutions can all help NPOs save time, reduce costs, eliminate errors and achieve compliance, so they can focus their time and money on delivering social impact. However, technology isn’t enough on its own.

Many of the NPOs we work with at Sage Foundation tell us that a lack of skills and experience is a major barrier to them using technology to its full potential. We have made some exciting enhancements to our Sage Foundation NPO Success programme to help NPOs knock down these barriers.

We aim to equip NPOs with the knowledge and skills they need to optimise their core operations.

Our training partners

We’re partnering with leading training providers in our key markets to offer a range of courses tailored to the needs of NPOs. The topics include accounting and book-keeping basics, governance, volunteer management, impact measurement and more.

Last year, we delivered our first training course in the UK and South Africa and we are excited to offer an expanded selection of courses this year, building on the foundations we put in place in 2021. Our plan is to deliver over 2,000 free training seats to NPOs across the UK and South Africa in 2022.

NPOs taking advantage of digital transformation

NPOs in the UK and South Africa already have access to discounted products through Sage Foundation.

We have curated a selection of discounted cloud product subscriptions for each market that help NPOs save time, reduce costs, eliminate errors, and achieve compliance across accounts, payroll, people and operations. Combined with the free training courses, the product discounts enable NPOs to accelerate their digital transformation programmes, so they can thrive.

At Sage, we support non-profits as part of our responsibility to society. However, we understand that not every challenge they face can be solved with money or technology alone. Our goal is to use our time, technology and experience to knock down barriers for NPOs and communities.

We are excited by the opportunity to help NPOs achieve better results for their communities by minimising costs, improving transparency and optimising efficiency.

About Graeme Houghton

Graeme Houghton is a product director at the Sage Foundation.
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