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CSI & Sustainability Video South Africa

#BeautifulNews: No one deserves to be alone. This is how you nourish a community with compassion
Moerieda Joubert’s mother understood the importance of connecting with people. And what better way to do that than by sharing a meal? Even though she had Parkinson’s, she would prepare food for the local old-age home out of her own pocket. After her passing, Joubert has proved the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Read Morieda Joubert's full story here....
31 Dec 2019 14:16
#BeautifulNews: A young revolutionary, an army of activists, and a mission to save the earth
What are you doing for the earth in this time of crisis? Our planet is facing an environmental emergency which authorities are doing little to halt. Many of these disasters, such as deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels, are the result of processes generated by major corporations. They’re issues that can be dealt with. Yet the situation gets worse every day. Eleven-year-old Othembele Dyantyi is raising her voice to encourage a union of action against this unprecedented climate injustice. Read Othembele Dyanti's full story...
30 Dec 2019 11:42
#BeautifulNews: This is my chance. Serving shots of opportunity after years of facing prejudice
Do you remember the search for your first job? Sending off your CV, hoping that your application would stand out, then waiting for days on end for a reply? For Kevin Boshoff, who has Down Syndrome, it was almost impossible to find employment. Being rejected from career opportunities can strip anyone of their dignity, self-esteem, and financial security. But Boshoff never gave up. After three years of looking for work, he received a job at the Bean Tree Café in Plattekloof. With a smile on his face, Boshoff serves food and coffee and helps however he can. The restaurant has created a discrimination-free space where he can follow his aspirations. “The coffee shop is my life,” Boshoff says. “The coffee shop is my home.” Read Kevin Boshoff's full story...
23 Dec 2019 12:07
#BeautifulNews: “I’m not ashamed.” The model embracing her scars after tragedy
Things were looking up for Nelisiwe Zuma. The Durbanite had just been offered a job in California. Unable to contain her excitement, Zuma joined her friends to celebrate her big break. But on her way home, their car flew off the road. Zuma woke up three weeks after the crash in ICU. Her friend who’d been driving didn’t make it. The emotional and physical trauma seemed insurmountable. “I thought I was never going to recover,” Zuma says. “I lost hope.” In the months that followed, Zuma had to undergo multiple surgeries, including a spinal fusion and a skin graft on her stomach. She was also dependent on a colostomy bag. As her body changed, Zuma became increasingly depressed. “I felt not good enough,” she says. But in the process of recuperating, she began to realise how incredible it was to have survived. Her scars were a symbol of life, a reminder to cherish her body and her second chance....
19 Dec 2019 13:14
#BeautifulNews: Bringing a wave of wonder to kids in Imizamo Yethu
Glittering sunlight beckons at the end of the cobalt tunnel. Glide across the water’s surface, dance with the sway of the board, and feel the rush of the wave collapsing. Surfing is one of the most thrilling ways to experience the ocean. But it’s expensive. The cost of the sport, from lessons to surfboards and wetsuits, keeps many people onshore. Luckily, nine-year-old Will Ronquest-Ross is helping other kids catch their big break. Read Will Ronquest-Ross' full story...
12 Dec 2019 12:45
#BeautifulNews: The eight-year-old violinist carrying courage on her shoulder
“I know I’m going to be a star one day,” Macy-Rose Heuff declares. At the age of eight, this violinist is certain music will take her far. Heuff’s growing talent is already charming audiences. With the instrument in hand, she has the courage to pursue her dreams. “I feel calm, I feel brave, I feel soft, I feel love in the violin,” she says. Heuff knew she wanted to play the string instrument the moment she saw a performance on America’s Got Talent. Five years old at the time, she begged for lessons. Despite her initial reluctance, Heuff’s mother gave in. And it’s paid off. Read Macy-Rose Heuff's full story...
6 Dec 2019 10:18
#BeautifulNews: A simple question redirected Renier Coetzee's life
It took one question to change the course of Renier Coetzee’s life: “How can I help?" While volunteering with churches and children’s programmes, he saw the difficulties kids faced in the Cape Flats, from violence to inequality. After asking what role he could play, Coetzee gave up his intended career of becoming an actuary and decided to teach instead. “I believed I could make a bigger difference through this work,” Coetzee says. By offering holistic education to kids in Mitchells Plain, he’s unlocking their strength. Read Renier Coetzee's full story...
8 Oct 2019 11:03
#BeautifulNews: When lives depend on a toilet, this is how we restore dignity
The right to access safe and hygienic toilets is fundamental. Yet pit latrines are still the only sanitary facilities in thousands of schools across South Africa. This puts learners’ health and lives at risk. Children have died either by the structures collapsing on them or from falling into the waste. When yet another child lost their life last year, the government pledged to take action. But for Helene Bramwell, it was too late. “I was incensed,” she says. No child should die going to the bathroom. Rather than wait for change, Bramwell launched a campaign that’s restoring their dignity. Read Helene Bramwell's full story,...
3 Oct 2019 11:52
#BeautifulNews: This teenager installed a computer lab for students to dream in code
Classrooms just got a whole lot cooler. The Department of Basic Education recently announced that they’re introducing coding to the South African curriculum. But not every school has access to computers. While some students are equipped with the knowledge to contribute to the country’s technological growth, others lack the resources to study even the basics. The results of this dichotomy become more pronounced later in life. This was the experience for 17-year-old Nadine Maselesele. “I was surprised when I got to college and learnt that the learners did not know how to prepare a CV on a computer,” she says. To boost their skills, Maselesele went back to her alma mater. Read Nadine Maselesele's full story...
30 Sep 2019 13:23
#BeautifulNews: The hijabi tackling expectations of a rugby player
Zahraa Hendricks had a game to win. To her, scoring tries was the challenge, not wearing a headscarf. The young hijabi didn’t expect to make headlines in her first rugby match. But when Hendricks ran onto the field, pictures of her were taken and posted to social media. Instantly, they went viral. Hendricks’ amendments to her kit had caught onlookers off-guard. For protection and as a symbol of modesty, Muslim women veil their hair. Because of it, they’re often doubly painted with the stigma of being oppressed. “That’s not true,” Hendricks says. “I am free.” Read Zahraa Hendricks' full story...
26 Sep 2019 11:20
#BeautifulNews: This salon gives women a chance to makeover their lives
A massive transformation is taking place in Chante Herries’ salon – and not just for those getting their hair done. Some of the stylists who work here have a background of drug addiction, and the impact it’s had on their lives has been quietly devastating. “What these women have gone through has taken away so much of their self-esteem, their confidence, their self-love,” Herries says. But in between the roar of the blow dryer, the chatter and laughs, change is in motion. Read Chante Herries' full story...
4 Sep 2019 09:45
#BeautifulNews: This chef proves that bustling cities are the best place to farm
Where does your food come from? Over half of South Africa’s population live in cities, with no direct access to farms. We scour grocery store shelves for the most attractive packaging, rather than the freshest produce. Justin Bonello felt this massive disconnect between what we consume and its origins. So the chef set out to track our daily bread from field to store to dinner table. “We’ve become so reliant on mass-produced, homogenised food that we no longer even know what real food is,” Bonello says. This realisation drove him to dig up his own Cape Town garden, a move that’s led to a city-wide farming initiative. Read Justin Bonello's full story...
20 Aug 2019 11:58
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