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On this past Global Recycling Day, Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid transformed the iconic yellow frame at the V&A Waterfront with plastic waste to create awareness on the importance of recycling. Check out the frame below and images of the creation process.
19 Mar 2019 10:11
#BeautifulNews: An athlete’s enduring spirit in the face of HIV
Evelina Tshabalala began the race of a lifetime the day she moved to Cape Town in search of work. With a young child to take care of, 4am was the only time she had to go running. Before long, her pursuit revealed her athletic prowess. Barefoot, Tshabalala ran her first professional 10-kilometre race – and won. That afternoon, she entered a five-kilometre race. She won that too. With the prize money she could finally afford a pair of running shoes. Shortly after, Tshabalala began competing in long-distance races. She completed the London Marathon, placing 25th. With her insurmountable energy, Tshabalala then turned to the gruelling challenge of mountain climbing, and summited three of the world’s highest peaks. The fact that she’s HIV-positive has never held her back. Read Evelina Tshabalala's full story...
19 Mar 2019 09:07
#BeautifulNews: The man sheltering hundreds of strays, even when he had no home
Shaygam Newman doesn’t have much. But the little he has, he gives endlessly to over 200 stray creatures. Every animal finds love and care with Newman. “I belong with them, they belong with me. We’re family,” he says. His connection to strays comes from deep within his heart. Orphaned, abused, and abandoned as a child, Newman found himself homeless. Growing up, he slept on pavements. The only warmth he felt came from the dogs beside him. For many, Newman’s desperate situation might have been the crossroads towards a life of crime. But the 23-year-old had more urgent concerns than just his own survival – he had to take action against the mistreatment of animals. Read Shaygam Newman's full story...
14 Mar 2019 10:49
#BeautifulNews: Painting the road to acceptance through an adventure with a fox
One thing you don’t often learn growing up is how to love yourself. Jessica Smith found that words of praise are seldom heard. Conventional expectations shadow most girls. As a result, they struggle to value their unique traits. “There are so many young women and girls across the globe who are unhappy with who they are,” Smith says. So she set out to change lives with words, watercolours, and a fox. Read Jessica Smith's full story...
12 Mar 2019 12:56
#BeautifulNews: The fabric binding this community is sewn by a seamstress with no hands
Bolekwa Salusalu has no hands, but she sews every single day. The 62-year-old is a designer and creator of immaculately stitched wedding dresses, traditional outfits, and school uniforms. Draped around her modest studio are a range of colourful garments, each pattern more interesting than the next. Her friend Luluma Mnyute is perpetually bowled over by Salusalu’s talent. “Bolekwa, without hands she has done this!” Mnyute says. Salusalu works tirelessly to provide for her family from her home in the Eastern Cape, but she does it with style. Read Bolekwa Salusalu's full story...
7 Mar 2019 12:25
#BeautifulNews: These gymnasts don’t need fancy facilities to raise the bar
The bell rings at the end of the day at Ikaya Primary School, and a carnival arrives. Multi-coloured ribbons fly above the dull concrete. A group of girls jump and twirl in the middle of the courtyard. The hard floor outside isn’t the ideal place to rehearse gymnastics, but it’s all they have. The team approach each practice with enthusiasm. Their teacher, Pinkie Yolisa, cheers them on. She is convinced that despite their lack of resources, their talent can be honed. “Sweat and hard work is the only way to victory,” Yolisa says. That and her secret weapon – improvisation. Read Pinkie Yolisa's full story...
5 Mar 2019 12:18
#BeautifulNews: Fixing cars. Changing gender roles. All in a day’s work
As a young boy, Isaac Boshomane loved cars, motorbikes, even tractors – any vehicle that moved. He wanted to know what made them work. With his inquisitive nature, he saw how people took their cars to backyard mechanics, only to have them come back with more problems. Then it all fell into place for Boshomane: he was going to become a mechanic, one who solved problems instead of causing them. Boshomane trained at a technical college, but struggled. The course was theory heavy, without enough practical application. Yet Boshomane pushed through, and opened his own business, Kgabo Cars. High unemployment in his community of Soshanguve left many young people without purpose. So Boshomane started sharing his skills with them on the weekends, and eventually opened his own training centre. Read Isaac Boshomane's full story...
28 Feb 2019 13:17
#BeautifulNews: Dance unearths a new generation of men
The history of Jagersfontein is rooted in mining. One of the oldest prospecting towns in South Africa, it was the site of discovery of two of the world’s largest diamonds. The mine closed down in 1969, resulting in poverty and unemployment that persist today. When completing community service in the town, Lerato Machetela recognised how young men were impacted by violence and substance abuse. But she also discovered a dormant resource far more valuable than any mineral: potential. Read Lerato Machetela's full story...
26 Feb 2019 09:47
#BeautifulNews: The oldest Cape Malay choir guarding heritage with liedjies of love
Abduraghmaan Morris is an absolute gentleman. He’s always impeccably dressed, and there’s an unmissable tenderness in his voice. When Morris sings, there isn’t a dry eye in the house. That’s not his intention, but the tunes of his choir are so filled with emotion, the reaction can’t be helped. Morris is the president of the oldest Malay choir in Cape Town. Their liedjies, or folk songs, are a blend of Dutch and Eastern melodies, infused with soul and sentiment of centuries gone by. Though they resonate notes of a colourful world, they are also rooted in a deeply painful history. Read Abduraghmaan Morris' full story...
21 Feb 2019 13:22
#BeautifulNews: Farieda Abrahams reclaims the story of District Six
Peering over her glasses, Farieda Abrahams reads aloud from the book she’s just published. As her voice softens, her eyebrows furrow. Precious memories are embedded into every word. How could the feelings of revisiting her childhood not erupt on the grandmother’s face? Growing up in the District Six area of Cape Town, Abrahams watched how drugs, gangsterism and unemployment ravaged the community after the apartheid government forcefully removed them. But for years, she kept the stories of the past on the back page while raising her three children and six grandchildren. Though she fulfilled her obligation to her family, Abrahams had a bigger duty – to share her personal and painful history. Read Farieda Abrahams' full story...
19 Feb 2019 11:04
#BeautifulNews: To end hunger, sometimes you have to think inside the box
People can’t function when they’re hungry. But every day, children across South Africa are forced to attend classes without having something to eat. Benjamin Constable realised this while coaching basketball at a primary school in Durban. “This just struck me as the most obvious challenge South Africa faces,” he says. “How do you grow and develop if your stomach’s empty?” Trying to uplift kids with sport took a back seat. The children needed nourishment. Constable’s solution didn’t lie outside the box, but in one. For Benjamin Constable's full story,...
14 Feb 2019 10:09
#BeautifulNews: A cappuccino and a dash of catnip - inside SA’s first cat café
Cape Town may be known for its coffee culture, but Valerie Steinmann’s café offers more than a freshly-brewed espresso. Instead, servings of plain milk or water are the order of the day, with a side serving of catnip. That’s because the patrons here are mostly feline. Inspired by her travels to Asia where cat cafés are a trend, Steinmann returned to open South Africa’s first. But rather than exclusively indulging the novelty of being surrounded by kittens while enjoying a meal, she decided to expand on the idea for a greater purpose. Read Valerie Steinmann's full story...
12 Feb 2019 13:04
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