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#BeautifulNews: Everybody needs support. This coach will always have your back
Before the game ends, Nokulunga Mvandaba’s netball team already know they are winners. The coach has taught them to build up each other’s self-worth, not just how to score goals. She knows the difference support can have. While at university, someone Mvandaba trusted sexually assaulted her. Like many women who go through this, she was emotionally vulnerable and unable to deal with what had happened. “I felt like I had no one to speak to,” Mvandaba says. “It resulted in a lot of self-destructive behaviour.” Turning to alcohol and drugs to cope, her life spiraled downhill as she moved further away from her family. The experience had robbed Mvandaba of her sense of purpose. That changed when she picked up a netball, and her life. Read Nokulunga Mvandaba's full story...
10 Jan 2019 08:18
#BeautifulNews: Sometimes horses make the best doctors
When she was just nine years old, Jacky du Plessis’ parents divorced. She started horse riding to get over the break, finding solace, comfort and safety in the bonds she formed with the animals. As she grew older, her love for them developed, as did her desire to create positive change. Wanting to use her passion for these animals and her knowledge of their therapeutic characteristics to make a difference, Du Plessis started working with horses as a form of therapy and rehabilitation for people with disabilities as well as victims of abuse and emotional trauma. Since 2009, she has used her work to help horses heal humans. Read Jacky du Plessis' full story...
8 Jan 2019 09:30
#BeautifulNews: The woman helping depressed moms break their silence
Liesl Hermanus didn’t plan to fall pregnant at university. She struggled with the experience. After giving birth, she went through bouts of unexplained tearfulness. Hermanus couldn’t breastfeed, which provoked extreme anxiety. She felt like a failure. But today, Hermanus understands that as one in three people in South Africa to experience depression or anxiety, mental health issues are nothing to be ashamed of. Pregnant women in particular are at high risk, which is why she is working to create a safe space for them to speak up and be heard. Read Hermanus's full story...
27 Dec 2018 07:01
#BeautifulNews: Unbreakable. The burn survivor who became a hero
When William Baartman was three years old, his family’s home was petrol bombed. It was 1976, and protesting students targeted Baartman’s father, an Afrikaans teacher. The fire took Baartman’s sister, Grace, and left him with burns across 75% of his body. He never finished school – the bullying was too much. Baartman was ashamed, and chose to stay home, hidden from the world. But today he walks with confidence. When Baartman visits children who have also suffered burns, he sees his younger self in them – strong survivors. But what the children see is their future....
14 Nov 2018 07:35
#BeautifulNews: Riding the cycle of hope to victory
Nicholas Dlamini’s first bike represented more than just recreation. It got him around the township where he grew up. It took him to school when he couldn’t afford taxi fare. And it set him on a journey of transformation from a young kid to professional sportsman. Read Dlamini's full story here..
18 Oct 2018 07:50
Next Generation: Sharing Knowledge
With over 20 years in the world of social innovation and transformation… we’ve learned quite a bit… And we believe that knowledge is a social currency that is best shared.
17 May 2018 13:15
#NotAskingForAnything | Cipla Foundation SA
Our #NotAskingForAnything campaign is more than just a social media hashtag. It’s a heartfelt invitation for anyone – from regular, good-hearted people, all the way to big businesses and corporations – to join us in doing whatever we can for real people in need. We’re on the ground, offering medical care, safe learning spaces and even corrective surgery for kids with clefts, but we could do so much more together. We don’t want anything for ourselves. But we do want to make a real difference in the lives of others. Join us. We have a real chance to change the world for the better....
3 Nov 2016 14:32
Momentum Short-term Insurance: Scholar Patrol
In its endeavour to ensure children in South Africa are more cautious on our roads, Momentum launched its Be Seen scholar patrol safety initiative as schools opened around the country.
29 Jan 2016 13:45
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