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#BeautifulNews: Girl power will change the world. These drummies are leading the way
Hope Abrahams forgot about ballroom dancing before she even signed up for it. When the Grade 1 learner arrived for classes, something else caught her eye. Light sparkled off sequined dresses. White boots marched perfectly in sync. Drum majorettes deftly threw their maizes in the air, catching them with ease as they hurtled back to the ground. One girl in particular stood out. She displayed exceptional skill and courage as she led the team, a smile on her face. Abrahams was captivated, and joined drummies instead. Read Hope Abrahams' full...
7 Feb 2019 09:28
#BeautifulNews: The drug-busting pilot who beat prejudice from the skies
Engines roar as jets land and take off from the tarmac. Fatima Jakoet steps into the cockpit, adjusting her hijab and pilot’s cap. To her, this is the sound of adventure. Jakoet used to work as a toxicology and narcotics specialist. But while conducting a drug bust at an airport, she became transfixed by a Boeing 747. The sight flooded her with nostalgia of watching planes cross the sky as a little girl. Jakoet realised that she didn’t want to work alongside the aircraft – she wanted to fly it. But it would take a turbulent ride for her to reach that dream. Read Fatima Jakoet's full story...
24 Jan 2019 08:12
#BeautifulNews: The children setting the stage for a united Hillbrow
Hillbrow is a neighbourhood clouded by misconceptions. It’s had many lives over the years, from being a segregated area during apartheid to becoming the mix of nationalities and cultures it is today. Over time, it has developed a reputation for crime and violence. For Gerard Bester, it’s home. “There are many negative stories about Hillbrow,” he says. Bester uses theatre as a safe space for children to overcome issues they face, such as xenophobia and drug abuse. On stage, they take back the narratives surrounding their town. Read Gerard Bester's full story...
18 Dec 2018 13:36
#BeautifulNews: Caught between a rock and a hard place? Dare to climb
Chalk-covered hands grip neon holds. Legs stretch across ledges to keep balance. One slip and you drop the ground. But the frustration of falling only fuels Glenn Moncrieff’s motivation. There’s a peak to reach – it’s just a matter of figuring out the route. He knows all too well the obstacles that come with climbing. Moncrieff has been doing it for 10 years, and relishes the process. “The unpredictability and challenges of a climbing wall mirror life,” he says. Because of this parallel, Moncrieff is showing the ropes to vulnerable youth. Moncrieff cofounded the NPO DreamHigher to bring climbing to children living on the street. The sport requires resources and access. By opening it up to kids in Cape Town, Moncrieff is bridging social divides. Read Glenn Moncrieff's full story...
13 Dec 2018 08:14
#BeautifulNews: Cultivating a better future through reading
Imagine reading these words, but not understanding them. This is the reality for many in South Africa. When children are behind in their reading, it affects their personal growth, and all areas of society. Taryn Lock understands the power of words. She has committed her time to sharing the wonder of books with eager learners, opening up their world to new opportunities. “I realised there was so much joy in inspiring children to read,” Lock says. By helping youth go beyond their ABC’s, she is giving them an upper hand in life. Read Taryn Lock's full story...
6 Dec 2018 06:55
#BeautifulNews: Songezo Jim opening up roads for riders of tomorrow
The township of Masiphumelele is nestled between the rolling hills of the Cape Peninsula. This is where Songezo Jim restarted his life after loss. Orphaned at the age of 14, the road ahead didn’t look good. “I kind of felt hopeless in a way,” Jim says. Until one day, the Cape Town Cycle Tour riders flashed past his house. “I didn’t even know how to ride a bicycle,” Jim says. Yet something stirred inside him. Inspired, Jim picked up the sport and started racing towards a better path. Read Jim's full story...
29 Nov 2018 10:18
#BeautifulNews: I am not my history. The ex-gangster with new goals
Mario van Niekerk was eight years old when his family fell apart. His father died in a gas explosion, and his mother was struggling to make ends meet. Van Niekerk was angry, alone, and without mentors. At the age of 11, a gang in his community offered Van Niekerk the sense of belonging he was yearning for. In trying to forge a family, he lost his childhood. Years later, when Van Niekerk became a father, he saw himself in his son’s eyes. He couldn’t allow his child to grow up the same way he did. Van Niekerk knew he had to end the cycle of gangsterism....
22 Nov 2018 06:09
#BeautifulNews: 600 children drown every year. Here's why water safety matters
Of the millions of children living in South Africa, only a minority are taught to swim for recreation and for safety. The rest are at schools without pool facilities and teachers, unable to afford private instructors. During the festive season, many of these kids will head off to the sea, braving the waters for the very first time. As a result, the National Sea Rescue Institute reports 600 children drowning every year. Those who stand on the sidelines might be safe, but they’re left out of the fun. With a love for both children and swimming, Carol Esterhuizen realised that she could contribute to saving lives by teaching children the skills and confidence they need to participate safely....
8 Nov 2018 09:16
#BeautifulNews: This bus is made for walking
In the Cape Flats, gang violence is part of life. Normal activities stop when shootings begin. Wesbank local Edith van Wyk lost her only son and her brother to gangsterism within three years of each other. Her grandson, Tyrese, stopped going to school because it was too dangerous, along with other children in the community. In the face of increasing violence, Van Wyk chose to take action. Rather than allowing children to live in fear, she decided to walk kids to school every day, taking on hardened criminals by bringing laughter back to the streets....
1 Nov 2018 12:41
#BeautifulNews: Music sparks hope on the streets
Kelly Grevler was a student when she saw firsthand how a new skill could change your life. Performing as a guitarist in a band, Grevler met new people, explored different places and discovered further career opportunities. So she took to the streets of Johannesburg to empower others through music. With her guitar in hand, and a few extra to spare, Grevler began teaching interested children how to play – at no cost....
25 Oct 2018 10:00
#BeautifulNews: The refugee who risked it all for a dream
Patricia Mudiayi misses her home. She misses the beauty, the games, the energy. At the age of 29, she had to leave the Democratic Republic of Congo. Although she had a degree in Chemical Engineering, Mudiayi couldn’t find work besides tutoring. It wasn’t the life she wanted. People told her South Africa was a place of possibility. Unable to speak English, five months pregnant, and alone, she took a risk and left. But the road to a new life was not paved in gold. Mudiayi had to pave it herself....
4 Oct 2018 10:16
Relate Trust's Battle of My 67 Beads
In the build-up to Mandela Day, the Relate Trust held its annual beading challenge in Nobel Square at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town on Thursday, 13 July. Beading Gogos and Tatas each paired up with a celebrity to try and bead the winning bracelet.
15 Jul 2017 09:01
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