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Kabelo Mosate appointed new MD of Mamas Alliance

Kabelo Mosate has been named the new managing director of Mamas Alliance, the CSI agency with a network of 37 NGOs across South Africa. Mosate has worked in the NGO sector for the past seven years, having previously been the education manager for the National Education Collaboration Trust.
Kabelo Mosate, MD, Mamas Alliance
Kabelo Mosate, MD, Mamas Alliance
“What drove me to the sector is seeing a need to develop our country. I have realised that government cannot do development work on its own - collaboration and working with partners are required for projects to be implemented at scale,” she says.
“NGOs do a lot for the community, and no matter how small they are, the change they bring to individuals and the community is amazing.”

Mosate’s passion for helping communities started while studying at Rhodes University where she volunteered for a local NGO, mentoring young girls and teaching them life skills, before volunteering for The Cancer Association of South Africa in Soweto after graduating.

“Seeing how your work has touched people. Understanding that it is not always about you, that you are here to serve the people,” Mosate says, commenting on why she is so passionate about working within this sector. “It’s the improvements in the lives of people and communities that fuel the fire to keep going, to strive to succeed and keep you on the right path.”

MAMAS Alliance prioritises the empowerment and upliftment of vulnerable youth and children across South Africa, with a network of 2,200 mamas across these 37 independent autonomous NGOs operating from 75 predominantly rural sites.

Mamas know best

“The DNA of the organisation is understanding that mamas know best, and they must be allowed to run their organisations as they see fit. Mamas Alliance is also supporting these grassroots NGOs that operate in the poorest provinces and rural areas, areas that are at times side-lined and do not receive much support. I love that Mamas Alliance works with the NGOs and children in these areas,” Mosate says.

The ability of Mamas Alliance to work at no cost is possible because the organisation is funded by Children’s Fund Mamas, a Dutch charity that has been co-funding dozens of childcare organisations across South Africa since 2000.

“At the heart of the organisation, is the love of children and ensuring that they live fulfilled lives. We know that child development is important, and we support the holistic development of children through early childhood care, nutrition, education and play,” Mosate says. “Our Power Girls programme works to build the self-esteem and confidence of young girls. Through the programme, the girls have a safe haven to learn and talk about any personal challenges they might be experiencing.”

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