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South Africa's D&AD 2021 winners: The Odd Number wins 2 pencils

The D&AD Award Winners for 2021 revealed that South Africa had some pencil winners and shortlisted candidates. I spoke to Odd Number's executive creative director, Terry McKenna, on winning two graphite pencils for their Salvation Army 'If It Doesn't Fit' press campaign.
Terry McKenna, executive creative director at the Odd Number

With international awards season underway, as well as The One Club’s Creative Week underway from 7-11 June, South Africa has been making impressive strides. For D&AD, three South African companies have won multiple pencils and seven were shortlisted for awards.

#D&AD21: D&AD awards 430 Pencils across Craft, Next, Advertising, Side Hustle and Collaborative

D&AD announced the Pencil winners across the Craft, Next, Advertising, Side Hustle and Collaborative categories...

26 May 2021

Here, McKenna specifically speaks about their win and how they plan on continuing the good work they have been doing…

Bizcommunity Congratulations on your win! Could you take us through this year's wins for the agency?

We are very proud to have picked up two D&AD Graphite Pencils for the Salvation Army ‘if It Doesn’t Fit’ press campaign. One in the Press & Outdoor category and one in the Photography category. We also picked up a shortlist for the BCC Earth Kasi Sensei Radio campaign in the Casting category. Our thanks go out to all our clients and amazing suppliers that helped make these pieces of work a reality.

Bizcommunity What was your previous D&AD "pencil box" record?

This is the first time that the Odd Number has picked up Pencils at D&AD. For an agency that is only six years old to start winning at international award shows, not only makes us extremely proud, it gives us the belief that we can go on to achieve much more in the future.

Bizcommunity Share your strategy to keep those international accolades coming.

Keep making work that makes us feel something, that gets us excited, that makes us happy. The rest will follow.

#D&AD21: D&AD awards 3 Black Pencils, 231 Culture, Design and Impact winners

In the second virtual ceremony, on 27 May at 7pm, D&AD announced 3 Black Pencil winners, alongside the President's Award and the remaining Pencil winners across the Culture, Design and Impact categories...

27 May 2021

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