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YBOD the year in reflection for Phegello Molefe Johannesburg

Phegello Molefe is 14 years old and attends Vuleka-SSB in Randburg, Johannesburg. She reflects back on the year that she served on Africa's youngest board, Bata's Youth Board of Directors (YBOD). A position that she served with pride and youthful enthusiasm, exchanging her fashionista insight and innovatory thinking, for a real business experience from global footwear giant, Bata, and she gained entrepreneurial know-how from Young Entrepreneurs (YE).

Her expectations for YBOD was “to acquire more leadership skills and to express her mind”. Although she was initially reserved in sharing her thoughts and opinions, she relaxed into her role and learnt to share openly and boldly, which she is proud to have done.

Phegello loved doing all the fun activities and learning more about management skills from Bata and YE. These are the treasured skills she is taking away from the experience together with her new insight into and knowledge of the media. Her most valuable lesson learnt is to always listen to others.

When asked how she would change the world if she could she answered “I would take away all the litter that is polluting the world and I would release people from poverty”.

“It isn’t in every project that you not only realise the outcomes you set out to achieve, but you exceed your own wild expectations. YBOD was one incredible journey, thanks to Phegello and the other YBOD members. We set out to hear the voice of the youth, to improve our position as the hippest shoe company in the world and we have certainly heard what they have to say!” comments Swastika Juggernath, Marketing Manager Bata South Africa.

Phegello looks forward to the future and using the knowledge that she learnt whilst serving on the trendiest youth board in Africa, Bata’s YBOD.

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