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Some Like It Vrot - just go see it!

Some Like It Vrot, ag, dis te pragtig - what more is there to say? Only please go see this musical comedy romance.
Months ago I experienced Phillip Miller's apartheid tearjerker Rewind in this same theatre, the Baxter, and if Rewind showed us where we come from, Some Like It Vrot shows us what beautiful people we've become - not in any worldly sense, but rather as proud South Africans.

Admittedly, it's not entirely original, it's inspired and titled from the American movie, Some Like It Hot. But so what? Any South African can look at this musical and say: Dit is ons, dis wie ons is.

South Africa's greats

It is no small wonder that the musical features South Africa's greats: David Kramer, who directed and wrote the score, and starring Mark Lottering, Christo Davids, Larissa Hughes, Jill Middelkop, Abduragman Adams, Alistair Izobel and, of course, the Baxter Theatre.

With production values that are world class, with some smooth stage work, dazzling lights, smoke machines and lekker homemade comedy. Kramer and Lottering have been collaborating for the past 10 years, but this might just be their magnum opus, and according to this reviewer, this summer's "must see" romance, but you can ahead and just scratch out romance altogether.

Keeping it real

Kramer might be ageing, and Lottering (whose character is a taxi gaartjie) might not have been in a taxi bus for over decade and is often seen in a sporty BMW Z4, might both have the spoils that come with success, but still know how to keep it real - and in this case, the "r" in "real", should be rolled, like an Afrikaans' lekker.

There is really nothing more I can think of that of that you should know. I am not going to tease you with any entertaining scenes, you should experience it for yourself.

And I can't for the life of me find the words to reflect the niceness - in so much as that I have to resort to words like niceness. But, without a doubt, I can say this: Book now, to avoid any regrets.

Some Like it Vrot runs at the Baxter till the 31 December. Book tickets through Computicket.

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