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Extraordinary kids, extraordinary experiences

At TLC, we've always believed in more than just business as usual. Our heart lies in 'TLC Gives Back', and this year? Did we make some magic.
Extraordinary kids, extraordinary experiences

We've been nurturing dreams at Ubuhle Bezwe Child Care Centre New Life Centre for Girls, and Yenzani Children’s Home with our heart-warming partners, 'Acts of Love'. Two years, countless smiles, pure joy! Every child has a story, and sometimes those stories are laden with challenges that would test any superhero's resolve. Yet, when we look into their eyes, all we see is hope, resilience, and an unquenchable spirit.

But this year? We turned a page. Took a leap. Quite literally.

We introduced our heroes – yes, these incredibly resilient kids – to their very first 'Bounce' experience! Imagine a world where gravity doesn't hold you back, where every bounce brings a broader smile, and where every laugh echoes hope. That was the scene. And believe us, watching these kids, even the initial scaredy cats, leap, twist, and turn, was nothing short of magic.

In the grand adventure of life, sometimes the most profound lessons come from the smallest adventurers. But it's more than just a day of fun. It's a moment to show them a universe filled with possibilities and promise. It's about letting them know that they're not defined by where they come from, but by the dreams they chase and the joy they carry.

To our partners, Acts of Love, Bounce Inc, Ubuhle Bezwe Child Care Centre New Life Centre for Girls, and Yenzani Children’s Home, thank you for being a part of this journey. And remember, sometimes all it takes is a little bounce to see the world from a different perspective.

Here's to more moments, more dreams, more leaps, and more love.

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