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Launch of new hospitality magazine in May

In May 2012, the trade magazine Spotong which means 'the place where we meet' in Tswana, will launch for the hospitality industry, operating in the townships, including taverns, shebeens, restaurants and liquor wholesalers. The publishers are Contact Media and Communications.
Launch of new hospitality magazine in May

The content will focus on aspects such as industry news, education, entrepreneurship, business development, legal issues in the sector, health and safety regulations, stokvels, finance, buying trends and some lifestyle aspects as well.

The Contact Media and Communications stable includes The Wits Business School Journal; The Afropolitan magazine; Garmin's Gtribe magazine; and The City of Johannesburg's JoziBeat magazine, the magazine will talk directly to small, medium and large business owners, managers and staff to initiate and broaden communications within this market.

Launch of new hospitality magazine in May

"Identified a gap"

"We have completed research into this market and have identified a gap - one which we are ready to fill," says Spotong editor, Donald Makhafola.

"It is interesting to note that there are approximately 200 000 taverns and shebeens throughout South Africa and the impact that these businesses have on the economy is significant. We are excited to be able to engage with this market."

Contact Media's development director, Sean Press is looking forward to the first issue. "We have learned that magazine's market is a significant one and they are ready for focused communication that is relevant to them," he says.

"In addition, after talking to various large corporate companies within this sector we have also identified their desire to talk directly to the small, medium and large businesses in the townships. We are able to offer the magazine as a platform where we can bring industry leaders and township businesses together."

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