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#AfricaPodcastDay 2022: Podcasting is freedom

The annual #AfricaPodcastDay, by Africa Podfest will be coming back in 2022 where industry titans, podcast lovers and budding professionals come together to celebrate the wonders of our community. Directed by Josephine Karianjahi and Melissa Mbugua, this festival is hailed as one of the continent's most pioneering podcast events as it aims to celebrate and appreciate the multifaceted nature of our industry and those who choose to interact with it, including podcasters, podcast listeners, producers and the greater audio community.

Having noted a significant increase in the number of new podcasts that have recently launched throughout the continent and many individuals finding their voice and chosen platform, it is only fitting that next year’s event takes on the following theme: “Podcasting is Freedom”. This incredibly interactive, educational and celebratory virtual event will be taking place on Saturday, 12 February 2022.

“There are many new podcasts that have launched since the beginning of the pandemic. Many people are taking to podcasts as a way to express themselves and expand their opportunities in the digital space. Audiences in Africa are also more aware of podcasts in general and are listening to more African podcasts. Podcasters are actively choosing to connect with each other more online and continue to look for resources and tools online to help them grow their podcasts,” says Mbugua.

What to expect

Attendees can look forward to an eventful day filled with inspiring and insightful talks and presentations. In addition, for podcasters looking to feature on the #AfricaPodcastDay schedule, Africa Podfest is offering a unique opportunity for podcasters to apply to curate their own sessions around this year's theme - exploring what freedom within the African podcasting space means for them and their podcasting community. Sessions could include: streaming a live recording of your podcast, hosting a panel or workshop, and launching a new podcast or even a music session. Entries close on 18 November, so podcasters are encouraged to book their slots early.

“We are excited to open the day's programme to African podcasters in recognition of the fact that their voices are an integral part of the rising (and thriving) podcast community we’re creating across Africa, and their work in telling and sharing their stories have the invigorating halo effect that make us radiantly proud to be African,” says Karianjahi.

Since #AfricaPodcastDay 2021, one cannot ignore the significance and importance of how this event has contributed to the building of a pan-African community. This lively community continues to be an instrumental part of Africa Podfest and their collective efforts can be seen in many ways including: profiling podcasters, launching a virtual community space, with their database and most recently, the launch of the Discovery Tour - which has seen the team host virtual events in Zambia and Kenya so far, and two more African countries - including South Africa on the 4th of December - before the festival.

“At our core we are a community-based movement and our mission has always been to connect with local podcasting communities in Africa, and connect them to the world. We wish to travel to African countries where podcasting is growing and tell the world about them. Even though we cannot travel much right now, the Discovery Tour allows us to travel virtually and celebrate with African podcasters wherever they are. We also think it is refreshing and fun to curate a different kind of conversation and celebration with these gatherings,” says Mbugua.

This acclaimed event has also brought about a major collaboration for both #AfricaPodcastDay and the Discovery Tour, as Africa Podfest partnered with Africa No Filter. It is a not-for-profit focused organisation that is shifting harmful stereotypical narratives about Africa through providing grant funding to storytellers and building the community of African narrative change makers. For them, supporting Africa Podfest made for the perfect partnership.

“Podcasting provides for more diversity, different and divergent tones, a range of opinions and voices that better reflect the lived experiences of young Africans across the continent. The podcast festival creates a platform where African podcasters get to share their experiences and learn from each other. The podcast festival also creates awareness on the different ways young Africans can access content from across the continent,” said Natasha Kimani, Strategy and Research Lead at Africa No Filter.

“As Africa No Filter, we believe that If we invest our money, time, and voice into the community of African storytellers and content creators, over time we will see an increase in narratives and stories that reflect a more diverse, dynamic, and evolving continent,” she continued.

#AfricaPodcastDay 2022 promises to be a day unlike any other. Tickets are free and registration will be open in late November. As we wait in anticipation, we encourage all of you to use this platform to submit your session idea to be featured on #AfricaPodcastDay.

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