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Madam & Eve is joining Daily Maverick

Daily Maverick has announced that veteran cartoonists, Stephen Francis and Rico Schacherl, will be bringing satirical cartoon strip, Madam & Eve to Daily Maverick as of 1 August 2019...
Stephen Francis and Rico Schacherl. Image supplied.
Stephen Francis and Rico Schacherl. Image supplied.

Says Schacherl:

Daily Maverick is hands down our favourite news, opinion and investigative journalism platform by far. It's also really cool that we'll again be stablemates with the super-talented Zapiro, after spending many years as neighbours at the Mail & Guardian.
Schacherl says that with the increase in corruption as well as the creeping decline of democracy and freedoms worldwide, it has never been more important to “hold up the court jester's mirror to those who abuse power and pointing out that the ‘emperors have no clothes’”.

Madam & Eve enthusiasts will be delighted at the fresh approach of their favourite cartoon strip.

He continues and says:

“We'll be adjusting the format of the cartoon a little bit to accommodate the new digital-only format in order to make the cartoons more phone- and tablet-friendly for readers. We might in future also ‘stretch our legs’ creatively and visually as the digital domain does offer more freedom than the format restrictions of print.”

Sharpening their pens, pencils and wits

Editor-in-chief of Daily Maverick, Branko Brkic, says having watched the creators of Madam & Eve beautifully chronicle new South Africa for the last few years, he couldn’t be more honoured that they have chosen Daily Maverick as their new home.

Says Brkic:

We are proud to be the publishers of our country’s leading lights, Zapiro and Madam & Eve. After a decade of hard work and a life of commitment to quality, Daily Maverick is known today as the home of South Africa's best media talent. We will continue our tireless effort to help nurture, develop and grow our already unparalleled team of the best and brightest.
As Francis and Schacherl sharpen their pens, pencils and wits, readers wait with bated breath for the return of Madam & Eve with a new strip every Friday in Daily Maverick.

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