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AMEC launches Measurement Month 2016

AMEC (the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) is hosting "Measurement Month" during September 2016.
This annual initiative, which sees many educational events across the globe, was launched by this highly respected international body to educate communication and public relations practitioners about the latest best-practices in measuring the effectiveness of their communication and reputational campaigns.

As the world’s largest professional body for communications research, media intelligence and insights, AMEC is the first point of call for communications and PR professionals to get expert knowledge and advice. As budgets are being cut across the world it is becoming crucial that communicators become more effective, particularly in measuring their campaigns.

Ornico, AMEC’s only full member in Africa, will host talks and case studies in South Africa and Nigeria, with further webinars for other African markets. This brand intelligence research company won Africa’s first two gold AMEC awards in 2016, winning the best global measurement of a non-profit campaign and of a single event.

Measurement Month is filled with many webinars, executive discussions, podcasts, workshops and much more, focusing on filling the gap between understanding the value of PR measurement and doing something about it.

After updating the original Barcelona Principles of measurement and evaluation in 2015, AMEC also launched a new interactive tool, the Integrated Evaluation Framework, at its annual summit held in June 2016. This new framework guides communicators through the process from aligning objectives to establishing a plan, setting targets and then measuring the outputs, outtakes, outcomes and impact of their work.

At each step of the process it provides additional information and suggests potential approaches and metrics that might be appropriate. It provides a consistent and credible approach that works for organisations of all sizes but which can be tailored to very specific user cases and objectives. Anyone can use it, it is free and non-proprietary, allowing any organisation, be it university, in-house department, PR agency, or measurement company to benefit from its approach.

This new framework shows how to ‘operationalise’ the Barcelona Principles and demonstrates how to turn the principles into action, and to finally prove the value of communication efforts.

Communicators are encouraged to follow #AMECMM on Twitter and also Ornico’s various social media platforms on Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter @ornicomedia during September which will give an African perspective but with global insights into public relations and reputation measurement. For more information visit and or email .

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