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IMH PET bottle (integrated moulded handle)

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is the IMH™ bottle compliant to EPR regulations?

The IMH™ bottle was developed in response to EPR legislation and to assist in achieving EPR targets whilst supporting the bottle-to-bottle recycling stream in South Africa. The IMH™ bottle is light weighted and is fully compliant to EPR regulations.

IMH PET bottle (integrated moulded handle)

2. Why is the IMH™ ‘more recyclable’ compared to the current market solutions?

The IMH™ bottle has a PET handle that is injection moulded during the preform production process. Inserted, attached or clip-on handles produced from a different substrate is therefore not required. Secondly, handle separation, prior to the pack entering the recycling stream, is not required. Alternative packs in this product category does not enjoy such a strong recycling status, do not in all cases have approved food grade recyclate content available and manual component separation of various polymers is required.

3. Can this bottle be recycled back into other food packaging items?

Yes, this pack is designed to support South Africa’s well-established bottle-to-bottle recycling stream. The PET and rPET material used to produce this pack is food grade approved.

4. Do I still have to use a thermo sealed or lined closure?

The precise neck finish, associated with the injection moulding process means that the pack enjoys a perfect seal and therefore offers the option to eliminate the use of a thermo-sealed or lined closure, where these are currently in use.

5. Can the same production targets be achieved?

The IMH™ bottle achieves good production outputs and compares favorably to the alternative options. Eliminating a manual handle insertion process potentially results in higher production outputs.

6. What production benefits does this bottle offer?

The injection moulding process eliminates the top and tail trimming waste required by its extrusion blow moulded equivalents. Since the handle is injected with the preform, additional steps required for handle insertion is also eliminated. This means that the IMH™ bottle can be produced at line speeds that meets most filling requirements.

7. What cost savings does this bottle offer?

A single or common preform design, depending on application, offers a variety of bottle shapes being blown, using custom designed blow moulds. Eliminating the investment in multiple injection mould sets means that you enjoy competitive prices from the outset. Since the handle is injected with the preform, additional steps and costs associated with handle insertion is also eliminated.

8. Does the quality of this bottle compare favourably to its alternatives?

The shear handle strength exceeds 25kg and the bottle has excellent stress resistance and top load performance. Quality control facilities and well-equipped laboratories at our Wadeville plant monitor every aspect of the production process, ensuring that stringent food hygiene requirements are maintained at all times. Our Wadeville plant is ISO 9001 and FSSC 22 000 certified.

9. Does this bottle require crates during the transport process?

Depending on application and industry, it could eliminate the need for an expensive pool of returnable plastic crates. Boasting exceptional top load performance, the financial, logistical, management and distribution of returnable plastic crates may soon be something of the past.

10. For which industries will this pack be most suitable?

We see potential, not only for brands but across product categories. Offering a more refined, quality appearance, PET offers a fit-for-purpose alternative to the dairy industry. To the edible oil industry, it offers reduced UV degradation whilst to the beverage, juice and cordial markets it offers the appropriate CO2 and O2 ingress and egress. rPET is also compatible with colourants, UV stabilisers and barrier agents to further improve shelf life, should it be required, such as in the case of bulk alcoholic packs or vinegars.

Transparent, glass-like appearance is offered to the personal care, chemical and homecare markets, with the assurance that PET and rPET have the relevant degree of chemical resistance for most applications.

IMH PET bottle (integrated moulded handle)

11. What decorating options does this bottle offer?

Brand differentiation can be achieved through unique, high-definition embossing of PET, self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves. rPET is also compatible with colourants.

12. What benefits does this pack offer consumers?

The pack’s durability eliminates breakages throughout the purchasing journey and within the home environment. The ergonomic design allows for ease of handling. Larger packs drive bulk purchases and offers the consumer a positive and convenient brand experience. Post consumption, within the home, the end-user can simply place the pack in their normal recycling bin without being concerned about breakages or following special recycling instructions such as separating the various components to ease and accommodate the relevant recycling stream.

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IMH PET bottle (integrated moulded handle)

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