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The importance of trials (reason process and time frames)

Mpact Plastics regard trials as an important aspect in the development of products as it helps identify and mitigate potential risks associated with packaging. These products are further tested by the customer to determine whether the packaging is suitable for their requirements. They will confirm the product is suitable for their storage and handling conditions, filling line specifications, shelf life et cetera.
The importance of trials (reason process and time frames)

During the trial period, testing ensures that the packaging meets the required quality standards and specifications. It helps verify the integrity and durability of the packaging materials, ensuring that they can withstand the rigours of handling, shipping, filling, capping and storage without compromising the product inside.

Furthermore, it is important to gather feedback from customers and end-users about the packaging design, functionality, and usability. This feedback can be invaluable in refining the packaging to better meet the needs and preferences of customers, ultimately enhancing their satisfaction with the product.

Trials allow us to refine our production processes and optimise packaging designs. This includes identifying opportunities for efficiency improvements, cost savings, and waste reduction. And, as we reduce the use of virgin materials, trials are important to ensure the viability of using different percentages of post-consumer-recycled (PCR) content.

Overall, running trials of packaging products is essential for maintaining product safety, material quality, and customer satisfaction, as well as for optimising processes.

Mpact is the largest paper and plastics packaging and recycling business in Southern Africa. Our integrated business model is uniquely focused on closing the loop in plastic and paper packaging through recycling and beneficiation of recyclables.
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