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Four digital transformation communication strategies

If you're running a business in 2019, digital transformation should be on your mind. It doesn't matter whether you're a one-man band decorating cakes at home, or stand at the head of a multi-national corporation with hundreds of employees - it affects you.

From how you engage with your customers, issue invoices, to how staff apply for leave or even claim expenses. The key issue for big organisations is without employee buy-in, you will struggle to reap the rewards. Effective communication is the key.

Here are four vital steps to ensure a smooth and rewarding transformation process:

1. Identify and formulate your vision

First things first, you need to know what your vision is and you need to formulate it in a way that is compelling, yet simple to understand. This vision needs to start at the top. Executives must build this vision for transformation and set tangible targets.

As a communicator, you have an exciting opportunity – to create enthusiasm around a new way of working, reshape organisational culture and a chance to deliver better experiences to your customers.

2. Get your troops on board

Once your message is formulated, it’s time to get your employees on board. If you want to facilitate lasting change, you have to engage with your team and communicate what must be achieved, and why, for everyone to understand how crucial it is.

Address the need for change at the hand of examples that show how these shifts in operational strategy will enable them to excel in their positions.

3. Rally your generals

You can’t drive digital transformation alone. If you want to be successful in your bid to facilitate change at the grassroots level, you have to start from the top down.

Engage with your senior leaders and equip them with the tools they require to build commitment and enable alignment to the new strategy. These are the people who provide day-to-day leadership, and you need to be sure that they are rallied to your cause.

4. Communicate clearly and consistently

Consider these guidelines for clear and consistent communication:

Have fun with branding. Make your change initiatives easy to remember by coming up with a distinct brand for easy recognition and slogans that can be repeated frequently.

Show your work. Employees are far more likely to buy into change if they can see how it will benefit the organisation and that it ties in with the business’ overall goals. Help the organisation to see how every action is a part of the larger strategy.

Lead by example. Be the change you want to see in your organisation – use new technology, mobile devices and social media for your communication efforts.

Get the word out. Share your digital drive with potential customers and talent to brand your company as an innovative organisation. Internally, it will create excitement about the change.

By following these four steps, you will lay the groundwork for a fuss-free digital transformation within your business.

About Ronelle Bester

Ronelle Bester, MD of Red Ribbon Communications, started her career in technology at Dimension Data as marketing manager of the Western Cape. She has a BTech degree in public relations from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and has lectured in public relations at both the University of South Africa and Varsity College. Email Ronelle at az.oc.snoitacinummocnobbirder@ellenor, read her blog and follow her on Twitter at @ronelle.
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Bill Van Eron
Hi Ronelle, I appreciate your investment in this topic and while clinically speaking, you have a good list, allow me to share a few observations that are key to each point you made:1. Identify and formulate your vision. A vision and a purpose are crucial. But in shaping it, you have to avoid it seeming like an internally focused vision. It needs to create emotional attachment and prove relevant across the internal & external forces that shape your success ecosystem.2. Get your troops on board. If they are not inclusive to how you shape your vision and purpose, the odds of them buying in and caring to do their best are really low. This is one reason over 70% of global employees feel emotionally detached from work - Gallup. 3. Rally your generals. Too "Generals" unfortunately resist change and fail to enable people. They also have a limited view of values that shape what is really important, so likely some transformation will be vital. What we do is start with a comparative view of what leaders see, employees and market forces. That can be done in a fairly informal, agile manner. Heck I did it with Steelcase long ago just meeting with the exec team for a day and then my own research over a two day period. Kudos to them for being open to outside in thinking as I see objectivity as vital. People today want their work & lives to matter, so conscious leadership is vital and what we help leaders to achieve without any of teh fears they have used to resist for decades.4. Communicate clearly and consistently. Allow me to add with conscious empathy as people do not respond to information. They respond by emotional connections whether inspired, recognized, and attached to a purpose they see as meaningful. I like your list and will add that brands that connect to ecosystem values that reflect real life values, trust and integrity will excel versus how marketing & sales are in decline when their trust and relevancy is low.As one that stepped up to champion internal and external values, I now encourage orgs to align to their ecosystem and invite employees to champion values across it where it adds brand relevance to that ecosystem source and overall. Be aware that while I also support digital transformation, recent research is showing device addiction erodes our humanity rather than maximizing it. What we do that is unique and valuable is connect learning to progressive job value in evidence, and apply it all as one system including accountability - a vital addition to your list. Good luck and happy to chat as helping people on this path is my mission, knowing I can with respect for their strengths too.
Posted on 28 Mar 2019 05:22



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