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Business Positioning Systems delivers Spur Group's most successful digital campaign

Leading Location Based Media solutions company, Business Positioning Systems(BPS), hits it out the park for Spur Steak Ranches and Panarotti's Pizza Pasta in the Month of December with the restaurant group's most successful digital campaign to date.

Leading family restaurant Spur Steak Ranches decided to trial the LocationPoint Advertising platform in December and was in shock at the runaway success of their campaign. The campaign featured ads delivered on NAVTEQ LocationPoint Advertising to mobile consumers using Nokia Ovi Map-enabled smart phones.

Charles Talbot of WAND Africa, which represents NAVTEQ Media Solutions in South Africa said, "NAVTEQ LocationPoint Advertising harnesses NAVTEQ's location content and capabilities to pinpoint where mobile consumers are, deliver ads and calls to action within close proximity to advertisers points of purchase, and guide them to the merchant's doorstep."

Built-in calls to action including "click to call," "click to web/mobi," and "click to map" bolster consumer engagement with advertising, drive traffic to advertised locations, and enable the Advertiser to promote redeemable coupons, making the service unique.

Daryl van Arkel (Director at Business Positioning Systems) added: "We see consumer engagement and interaction going through the roof with the increased relevance offered by LPA, the modern consumer is time poor and convenience driven, thus offers near to their current location allowing them to make a quick decision and be taken to the point of purchase is really hitting the nail on the head. Relevance has become the holy grail of modern advertising campaigns and our belief is this is set to surge as the decline in the shot gun approach ensures advertisers are given real ROI instead of millions of irrelevant impressions and screens views."

The month-long location-based campaign, the first of its kind in South Africa, featured Spur Steak Ranches and Panarotti's ads sent to on-the-go consumers of Nokia Ovi Map-enabled phones as they approached one of Spur's 250 or Panarotti's 70 restaurants throughout South Africa. The Spur ads enticed consumers with an offer to receive a T-bone Steak and Prawns or a T-Bone and Buffalo Wings at a discount throughout December. The campaign garnered a click-through rate of 4.41%. Whilst the Panarotti's campaign enticed parents with their "Kids eat free on Sunday's" offer which garnered a click through rate of 3,92%, a phenomenal response considering the smaller subset of the overall market communicated to with this message.

Aside from this staggering click through rate, 33% percent(Yes, 1 third!) of users who clicked on the initial Spur Steak Ranches ad requested mapping, call, or MobiSite information on the local restaurant. In the case of Panarotti's 30% of all users who clicked on the initial ad requested mapping, call, or MobiSite information on the local restaurant, signalling NAVTEQ's LocationPoint Advertising power to convert clicks to paying customers.

Sacha du Plessis, Commercial Marketing Manager, Spur Group in response to the campaign results added, "For a business like Spur, location based services are critical. When you combine the equity of the Spur brand with a great offer, delivered to people in close vicinity, you have a winning marketing tool."

Location Point Advertising currently targets active Nokia OVI maps users. With the advertising inventory set to grow as more mapping enabled Nokia phones hit the market. This is complimented by a broad range of upcoming Navteq affiliate deployments in the months ahead and further activations of LocationPoint Advertising across other operating systems, mobile handsets manufacturers and connected Personal Navigation Devices. Navteq list as their publishers a whole host of applications that run on location aware platforms across a large spectrum of devices including Android phones (eg Sony Ericsson, LG, Red Bull Mobile, Motorola, Samsung), iPhone and Blackberry.

Importantly with this platform, call to action can be increased even further should advertisers offer coupons within the system. These fully integrate with Point of Sale systems to ensure full click to redemption ROI analysis.

To see LocationPoint Advertising in action follow the attached link.

To get your Location Based Marketing needs fulfilled or find out more about our services including Drive-by-Media, various GPS and Digital map listings, Google Map listings and Optimisation, Location Point Advertising, and GPS downloader software contact Business Positioning Systems on email moc.enilnometsyspb@ofni /

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