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Media denied final draw accreditation

NEWSWATCH: FIFA has not issued accreditation to a number of local and international media for the upcoming draw in Cape Town, reports IOL, and French telecoms company Orange has demanded that a small South African PR firm, Orange Ink, change its name, according to Business Day, which has been rapped over the knuckles by Lindani Mbunyuza, National Treasury director of communications and media, for referring to the SABC as being 'bailed out' by the government when it is in fact a guarantee.
Media denied final draw accreditation

Meanwhile, the Broadcast, Electronic, Media and Allied Workers Union (BEMAWU) says the SABC's top structure needs to be cut before employees are retrenched, Business Day also reports.

Today, Tuesday, 1 December 2009, is also World AIDS Day, and to mark it, a lighthouse north of Durban has been dressed for the part, reports East Coast Radio.

For more:

  • IOL: Fifa says no to media… FIFA will not accredit a number of international and local media organisations for the World Cup Draw on Friday in Cape Town.
  • Business Day: French giant squeezes small local PR firm Orange Ink… The local company is not in the business of selling mobile phones; it's a PR company…
  • Business Day: No bail-out for SABC… Lindani Mbunyuza says the government has not ‘bailed out' the broadcaster but instead “should the corporation become unable to repay the debt [on funds the SABC raises in the markets], government gives surety to repay it on behalf of the corporation”.
  • Business Day: Top structure should go — SABC union… Union says the SABC's top echelons should be sent packing before staff are retrenched. They also want the broadcaster's new CEO to be someone who knows the business; not an in-experienced political appointee.
  • East Coast Radio: Umhlanga Lighthouse draped with a condom… Locals were met with the sight of a giant condom to mark World AIDS Day. It certainly got everyone's attention.

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