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Mauritius to benefit from media monitoring service

Businesses in Mauritius will now be able to benefit from a comprehensive and cross-platform media monitoring service that includes the provision of key insights and timeous delivery of reports.
Aradhna Boodhoo-Laumond, communications director at Eclipse Communications Mauritius
Aradhna Boodhoo-Laumond, communications director at Eclipse Communications Mauritius

Eclipse Communications Mauritius will be launching an innovative media monitoring service for its Mauritian clients from 1 October 2021, drawing on the expertise of Novus Group – a South African media monitoring company. Aradhna Boodhoo-Laumond, communications director at Eclipse Communications Mauritius, and Joe Hamman, founder and director of Novus Group, outline the merits of this offering and the many benefits to Mauritian businesses.

The new 24/7 media monitoring service offered by Eclipse Communications, in partnership with Novus Group, will provide public and private organisations with a comprehensive service tracking print, online, broadcast (tv and radio) and social media, as well as media intelligence. With a view to personalise client experience, three packages will be available, namely Bronze, Silver and Gold, to cater to various strategic and budget needs.


The innovative and value-added aspects of this offering in all three packages are supported by a comprehensive media intelligence report with clients benefiting from key insights, through in-depth analysis, to better manage competitor insights and company reputation. Clients will also have the opportunity to personalise their experience by accessing an online dashboard which includes built-in features like exporting and downloading of clippings/audio/video in adapted formats, charting, advanced search, archiving of all news, transcriptions of audiovisual material, among others.

This is a service that capitalises on combining local market experience, knowledge and presence with state-of-the-art technology via the use of best-in-class tools, thanks to the partnership with Novus Group, which provides industry-leading media monitoring services across the globe.

“The main purpose of this service is to provide strategic support to our clients by equipping them to think ahead and adjust to an ever-evolving competitive environment. In addition to fostering sound reputation and brand image management by tracking media presence, sentiment, share of voice and online conversations, this service will significantly empower brands by giving them access to insights and qualitative data about the ecosystem in which they operate, identifying new commercial opportunities and anticipating crisis situations, among others,” says Boodhoo-Laumond.

She adds, “The way we crafted the solution highlights the data-driven approach of Eclipse Communications when it comes to guiding the growth of our clients. Through the partnership with Novus, we are confident about the accuracy, cost-effectiveness and reliability of this new media monitoring and intelligence service offer. By seamlessly combining the best of both worlds, technology and the human element, this offering will greatly benefit businesses in making informed strategic, operational and communications decisions. It will allow strategists to tap into vital information across all media platforms to nurture brands and target specific niche markets.”

Hamman, of Novus Group, concludes, “We have been exploring the Mauritian market for quite some time, due to increasing demand for comprehensive media monitoring and intelligence/analysis over the island. The launch of Eclipse Communications’ Mauritius office comes at the right time – through our collaboration, we will strive to provide Mauritian businesses with the highest level of support and deliver personalised solutions to meet even the most complex information requirements.”

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