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How to increase customers and business via direct mail

Turn the tables and generate more business opportunities and close more sales by getting back to the roots of marketing i.e. direct mail. Marketing by and large has evolved from conventional direct mailing to the digital marketing era. Also, with new entrants like email marketing and social media marketing, there is no sign of direct mail taking a backseat.
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Direct mail can help you to engage with your customers better and drive massive business, all you need to do is just tweak the way you send mail to your customers. Yes, even with aggressive marketing strategies using social media and email marketing platforms, you may fail to bring customers to your doors. So when the customers aren’t knocking at your door, why not send direct mail to their door steps, and take direct engagement initiatives. There are more than several ways to drive business through direct mailing, but today we will discuss the top three ways that enable marketing teams to drive maximum business.

1. Hit the right emotional quotient

Emotion drives people – people engage when connected with emotionally. This will eventually bring more business opportunities for you. To connect with your customers on a personal level, you must hit the right emotional quotient in an obvious way in the mail. This one is so obvious that I can’t believe I missed it the first time. Using magic words like ‘free’, ‘clearance sale’, ‘new collection' and ‘thank you’ in your mail content or images is sure to drive more curiosity and engagement amongst your customers.

In order to build that connection with your customers you must pay close attention to copywriting and images used in the mail. Use words and images in the mail that exude emotions like love, happiness, greed, fear, guilt and others. Thus, it's sure to express one or other of the emotional responses from your customers.

2. Use exclamation or question your customers

Yes, one of the best ways to engage your customers through direct mail is to ask them a question. of course, neuro-transmitters will help find answers reflecting various emotions, which could lead to engagement. This is the best way to involve your prospect into direct mail marketing campaigns, and thus by providing answers or solutions, will build credibility and trust in your brand. This practice will make them think about your brand and product not only once, but a couple of times.

3. Flaunt your testimonials

Testimonial is still considered to be a lethal weapon in the marketing industry. It’s worth millions in advertising costs when you have your customers speaking for you. Testimonials from your satisfied clients speak best for your brand, so do not hesitate to flaunt them.

This is because when real people speak for a brand, the like-minded customers can find it relevant, authentic and easily connect with them, thus there is more chance that they would buy your products and services. Use your customers' quotes, photos, review ratings in social media and social call-outs to make your testimonial more effective.

Use all the above-mentioned tips to drive successful ‘direct mail’ campaigns. Make use of the direct mail marketing strategies, as they are highly measurable and cost-effective, and work even better when teamed up with email and social media marketing. Within no time, you can turn your business into the most profitable by targeting direct mail to your existing loyal customers and prospects.
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About the author

Michael Lundberg is the marketing manager at Ampliz, specialising in email and business phone appending, editing blogs, case studies and guides. He tries to make the world just a bit more pleasant by working on strategies that would help them prevent and eliminate spam in terms of email marketing.