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Here's why clients should choose independent agencies

Independent thinkers are always highly valued in the media and advertising world. After all, they're in the business of meeting a client's needs by delivering creative work. And it should go without saying that standalone agencies tend to attract different individuals.

But is there a benefit for clients to choose an agency that thinks differently? I believe there is!

Here are my four top advantages of choosing an independent agency.

The talent is different

Independent thinkers often choose to go with the standalone agency as it suits their lifestyle.

It’s this ‘different’ mindset that clients can buy into when choosing an independent agency. In a modern world where we’ve all seen that and bought the t-shirt, you need unique thinkers to break the mould.

There’s always a point to be made

When a client selects an independent agency to complete a job, the staff are well aware that they need to deliver more.

Standalone agencies want and need to build a legacy, where the established corporate agencies tend to rest on their previous awards. It’s this need to try harder that independent players bring to the table.

Flexibility and a willingness to evolve

As mentioned above corporate agencies tied to an international group often need to follow established procedures.

While these are designed on lessons previously learnt, they are often outdated or inefficient. We operate in a new media era. Deadlines are tighter, so you need a company that has evolved with the times.

Independent agencies understand these needs and are often willing to meet clients halfway - or all the way - to get the job done. They’re able to break the rules a little where corporate agencies hands are tied.

Authentic, close relationships

Independent agencies are often closer to their clients.

With corporate agencies, clients are won through reputation but little human interaction. Also, CEOs are often far to busy handling corporate issues, sometimes from board members and shareholders across the pond, so can give clients minimal face-to-face time.

However, in an increasingly digital world, clients are often looking for a more organic relationship - a CEO who will talk to them in person.

So, if you’re looking to hire or short-list an agency for a pitch - take some time to research the independent guys.
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