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Subscribe to industry newsletters Craft Awards June 2018: "It makes me shiver to see where we are going as a country" - Stuart Stobbs

IDidTht's June SA Film Reel Monthly Craft Awards were judged by Stuart Stobbs, CCO at 1886 Advertising, who selected Fausto Becatti from Bioscope Films and Adam Howard from Howard Audio for Direction Craft and Original Music Craft respectively.
Woooahh! There sure is a lot of love being put into so much of the work that was entered into this month’s reel. There’s a bunch of great stuff that could only be made here in South Africa and it makes me shiver to see where we are going as a country. Also, please notice that these winners include black filmmakers and female filmmakers. I chose them not because they are black nor female, but because they have done an astounding job. I am however highlighting them now so that you can consider them for your next pitch/job. — Stobbs

"What a beautifully directed piece of work. Rich, raw imagery that drips with “Africaness” but walks a perfect line between over the top fantasy and gritty truth. I get easily distracted but I watched this 2min15 piece 4 times in a row (and I have seen it before). Oh and I watched that “magical” billboard transformation at 1:43 about 8 times. Ha! Brilliant! Well done all round Fausto and Bioscope – phenomenal job."

"Cinematically-styled, beautifully melodic warm jazz tones that truly add to the power of this story, punctuating its lows and highs. So often music is laid down as an afterthought – how refreshing to hear it build and flow perfectly with this narrative. Excellent work Howard Audio."

Special mentions for the month also went to:
  • Caste Lite Money Calling by Lebogang Rasethaba from Egg Films – Direction Craft
  • KFC Africa Keep Rolling by Karien Cherry from Giant Films – Direction Craft
  • Trace Mobile Never Expire by the Upstairs Ludus – Offline Edit Craft
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Every month teams up with a top local creative director to award the best in film craft by leading production companies in South Africa. Find out how you can enter your work:
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