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#SAFilmReel October 2016: Graeme Jenner picks Paul Ward's 'The Wild Way Home'

IDidTht's October SA Film Reel was judged by Graeme Jenner from King James II. He awarded the Best of Reel for Direction Craft to Paul Ward at 0307 Films for Wrangler's 'The Wild Way Home'. Here's why.

Jenner says "Parkour. What’s that about anyway? Wandering about on rooftops, jumping over stuff, staring meaningfully from precarious ledges. I guess it must be hip and funky to the youth of today because it seems like it features in quite a few ads lately. That said, it takes a pretty good director to make an ad about that well-trodden subject matter that is very very watchable. Nicely shot, very well edited, great voice-over - All round good job then Paul Ward, well done."

Special mentions for the month also went to:

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