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Company news
Puma x First Mile sustainable collection goes beyond recycling

Global sports brand Puma and First Mile have co-created a sportswear collection made from recycled plastic, rooted in social impact and human connection...

21 Feb 2020

New report presses for radical rethink on child health

According to a new report released this week by a commission of over 40 child and adolescent health experts from around the world, no single country is adequately protecting children's health...

20 Feb 2020

Adidas and Ikea lead 2020 sustainable cotton ranking

Adidas has surged ahead to become a global leader in sourcing sustainable cotton...

13 Feb 2020

Riding on the kangaroo's back: animal skin fashion, exports and ethical trade

The Versace fashion house recently announced it had stopped using kangaroo skins in its fashion collections after coming under pressure from animal rights group LAV...

By Dr Fabri Blacklock 13 Feb 2020

Engen commits R2.5m to eradicating pit latrines in SA schools

Engen has pledged an initial R2.5m in support of the Sanitation Appropriate for Education (SAFE) initiative which aims to eradicate pit latrines...

10 Feb 2020

Right to Sight Trust urgently needs funding in support of eyesight-saving surgery

The Right to Sight Trust, the philanthropic arm of the Opthalmological Society of South Africa (OSSA), has contributed more than R50m in servcies over the past three years to vision-restoring operations, but has now run out of funds...

27 Jan 2020

#DesignIndaba2020: Bas Timmer is changing the world one Sheltersuit at a time

Design Indaba speaker, Dutch fashion designer Bas Timmer is changing the world one Sheltersuit at a time...

23 Jan 2020

Diesel launches sustainability strategy

Italian retail clothing brand Diesel has launched a sustainability strategy, a commitment to taking action for the benefit of current and future generations...

21 Jan 2020

CHOC launches Flip Flop Day

Have a heart and wear a sole! That's the rallying call behind CHOC's new annual event Flip Flop Day, launching 14 February 2020...

20 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Fashion won't be sustainable until consumers are educated

If you're wondering if sustainable fashion really does exist in South Africa, the answer is yes, but only on a small scale...

By Emma Longden 15 Jan 2020

South Africans go plant-based for Veganuary

More than 14,000 South Africans have officially signed up to partake in this year's Veganuary campaign, joining 350,000 other people across more than 150 countries...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 10 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Trends for the near future

In the knowledge economy, every glimpse of the probable future carries monetary value...

By marian salzman 6 Jan 2020

Process manufacturing in 2020: Sustainability and servitisation

Everybody wants sustainable products, and retailers are putting pressure on manufacturers to deliver goods that satisfy consumers' new preference for green and clean options...

By Colin Elkins 19 Dec 2019

#BehindtheSelfie with... Luke Goller, managing partner at Arc Interactive

This week, we go behind the selfie with Luke Goller, managing partner at Arc Interactive...

By Leigh Andrews 18 Dec 2019

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