HR Trends 2019



Amendments to labour relations legislation - National minimum wage, parental and adoption leave

As you may have noted in recent media reports, the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, signed the new national minimum wage statute into law effective from 1 January 2019...

By Gideon Gerber, Issued by SERR Synergy 11 hours ago

5 ways for SMEs to prep for the year ahead

January is always a good time for SMEs to reflect on achievements and challenges from the past 12 months, while preparing for the year ahead...

By Jesse Weinberg 1 day ago

Partnership creates employment opportunities for unemployed youth

The Digital Skills Partnership is a strategic collaboration between key stakeholders in the digital industry committed to transforming the sector by redesigning the traditionally onerous employment pathways into jobs for unemployed youth...

18 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2019: Integrated reporting - the end of annual financial statements?

Over the last six years, integrated business reporting has gained a significant amount of traction, with big corporates migrating from the traditional reporting method, which focuses on financial statements, to a more integrated framework of reporting that incorporates all aspects of the business...

By Faith Ngwenya 17 Jan 2019

#FutureFit Yourself: Stop manipulating NPS scores by incentivising your staff!

Ultimately, customers have been bullied by businesses for a long time, and sad to report on this, but not much has changed...

By Carmen Murray 17 Jan 2019

National minimum wage - no sympathy for non-compliance

"To not pay the correct wage is a high-risk exercise." This is according to Rob Cooper, Chairperson of the Payroll Authors Group of South Africa, a body that represents the payroll industry with statutory bodies...

Issued by Junxion Communications 17 Jan 2019

#RecruitmentFocus: Why human capital risk assessments are good for both company and employee

An often-underestimated risk to an organisation is human capital risk. Most of the failures attributed to companies are in fact lapses by individuals, despite organisations having risk management processes and governing systems in places...

By Aarti Natha 17 Jan 2019

#RecruitmentFocus: New report explores connection between economic activity, unemployment in SA

The CDE has released its new report, Making South Africa more labour intensive, summarising the proceedings of a workshop of experts on the labour market...

17 Jan 2019

#RecruitmentFocus: Workplace 2025 - where humans and machines coexist

The world is undergoing its biggest transformation ever. As emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) enter workplaces, human talent is grappling with an existential crisis.

By Ronnie Toerien 16 Jan 2019

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