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Imagining Web 3.0 discusses influence of Web 3.0 on media, society

Lee-Roy Chetty has published a new book, Imagining Web 3.0, which discusses the next phase of the internet and how the evolution to a third generation will influence media and society.
Lee-Roy Chetty
Lee-Roy Chetty

The research formed part of his Master's degree in Media Studies from the University of Cape Town and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

In his opening chapter Chetty says, "The internet at its current growth rate and development stands to be the greatest machine ever built in the history of humanity." What of the future, what developments are in store and what changes can be expected, as the web develops?

"Without getting too sci-fi, I thought it was important to look at where this incredible machine is going to take us. I was particularly interested in how traditional media would be affected by a dynamic internet environment," he explains.

Political economy of the media

In the opening chapters of his book, he examines the political economy of the media and looks at what could stand in the way of the changes.

"I wanted to examine what would happen when intelligent software was added to that mix. We are entering an era of the sentient web. In Web 3.0, we will see content being refined and analysed by the internet itself. I foresee an internet, which has the power to learn, sense and decide about the information it contains. The experience for both content providers and users will be beyond anything we have seen before."

Imagining Web 3.0 discusses influence of Web 3.0 on media, society

Chapters three, four and five look at the expected impact of these changes and what media companies are doing, correctly and incorrectly, to deal with the new web. He also proposes some possible solutions. The sixth chapter looks at an area, which is close to his heart - the potential impact on the South African consumer, with particular reference to the challenges posed by the digital divide in this country.

"True globalisation"

"Web 3.0 will usher in true globalisation. I am passionately committed to finding ways that we can use technology to grow our economy and reduce unemployment. For South Africa, this is the true value of Web 3.0. This is a game-changer in how society works. The web of openness will offer tremendous opportunities for us all. I hope my book will go some way to making sure that we are ready to grasp those opportunities and make the most of them."

Chetty began his career in advertising at Ogilvy Cape Town, working as a digital strategist on some of South Africa's biggest and most loved brands. A two-time recipient of the prestigious National Research Fund Scholarship, he is currently completing his PhD through UCT as well as a degree in Economics with Unisa. He works for the Department of International Relations and Cooperation in the South African government in public diplomacy.

Big Red publishes the book, ISBN 978-0-620-51715-7, at a recommended retail price of R220. It is available online Amazon, Barnes and Noble, I-Tunes, and in a number of bookstores.

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