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KZN Film and Gauteng Film announce inter-provincial partnership

The KwaZulu Natal Film Commission (KZNFC) and the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) have announced their inter-provincial partnership and collaboration.

In a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the executives on 18 August 2022, the entities have undertaken to foster collaborative efforts that will contribute to the growth of the film industry in the country.

The partnership entails assisting filmmakers from both provinces to benefit through the collaboration of the two funding agencies.

Access to funding

GFC’s CEO, Keitumetse Lebaka, stated that “one of the most frequent questions we get asked as film commissions is whether we fund filmmakers from other provinces. This MoU allows us as the GFC to officially fund films by KZNFC makers provided that up to 60% of the film is shot in Gauteng, likewise, filmmakers from Gauteng to also be eligible for funding from the KZNFC if they can prove that up to 50% of their films will be shot in KZN.”

“The KZNFC is thrilled to partner with the GFC. This MoU will ensure that KZN filmmakers are able to access funding from other provinces such as Gauteng and will further allow the two entities to collaborate on strategic matters such as information sharing, skills transfer, and human capital development with the aim of fulfilling our respective mandates of developing local film industries, creating opportunities for entrepreneurship, and further positioning our content and locations to the local and global film industry,” said Victor Senna, the KZNFC’s acting CEO.


The KZNFC and GFC agree to cooperate and work together to:

  • Initiate and coordinate stakeholder engagement and activities focused on achieving the mandates of both parties,
  • Share information and experience within the film/TV industry,
  • Ensure joint participation in all initiatives that encourage the development of the local film/TV industry, especially people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds,
  • Undertake joint communication through media and other platforms on the focus areas of this agreement; and
  • Provide support and resources to ensure the success and effectiveness of programmes agreed to.

The KZNFC also announced that it will be supporting the Discover Film Summit taking place from 19-21 October, at the Sandton Convention Centre, where one of the key objectives is to promote a single brand identity for the South African film industry.

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