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Getting your brand to the ears of consumers

The sharing of a story by one person to another has been amplified with the dawn of technology. From the days of broadcast radio, times where content ran out on television, and today's social media, sharing a message with a large audience has changed over the years.

With access to technology and the internet, the rise of podcasting has seen thousands of stories translated across various languages in countries around the world. South Africa is no different, and podcasters are reshaping how stories are told throughout the country.

One such podcaster, Tecla Coifi, in collaboration with two producers — Jonathan Inggs and Matthew Loots, embarked on her own audio storytelling journey with the creation of Texx Talks. Before this, Tecla founded Texx and the City, a digital publication with emphasis on arts and entertainment in South Africa. Predominantly text based, Texx and The City can be considered the book, and Texx Talks could be likened to the audiobook version of the platform.

It works because people listen

Something to recall is the impact of Covid-19. The country was open, and in what felt like a blink, we were all locked down. Driving everyone inside, isolated from friends and family, and feeling a sense of gloom and doom. Interestingly, Ofcom’s 2020 report noted an uptake in new podcasts uploaded Apple Podcasts of one million in April 2020, with another 1.1m uploaded the following month.

Listeners develop a bond with their host, develop a rapport, and foster trust. SW Londoner, Manvana Reen, said, “The one thing that podcasts do better than most other formats, is they give you a voice in your ear. It’s slightly more personal, more intimate.”

The marriage of story and statistics

According to AMA DC, “Podcasts reach all major segments that have buying power in today’s economy.” More so than this, podcast listeners tune in for far longer than the average individual looking at an advertisement. With people listening to podcasts, Edison research found listeners consumed about seven podcasts per week with 80% of listeners tuning in to more than 50% of each podcast.

Content and craft over click-bait

The cross-pollination of community through podcasting is what allows a brand into the heart and mind of a consumer. Podcasts put hosts and brands into the ears of their listeners, but inevitably win over the consumer’s heart and mind.

For this fact, podcasting is moving towards the mainstream hard and fast, making the space even more exciting throughout digital space, particularly with South African creators coming to the fore of this movement.

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