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Mxit delivers on global Kotex campaign

Kimberley Clarke has activated a global Kotex campaign on local mobile social network Mxit. In partnership with Ogilvy and media agency MEC, Mxit took the Kotex Make-Over Project to the mobile domain, securing substantial campaign engagement with young females aged 13-35.

Post-campaign stats from the site's preferred development partner, Kazazoom, reveal that users spent as much as 14.7 minutes on the app with 1.9 million brand splash screens being delivered during the campaign.

Helping young women

Through the app, users were offered a gateway to the exchange of product information, polls around sensitive feminine topics, prizes and coupons and could engage in one-on-one sessions with a trusted gynaecologist, offering a free, private, safe and anonymous resource for advice and information.

The Kotex Make-Over Project was also embedded into a third party Mxit app called Ask.Kim. This app is designed to help young women deal with the problems they face daily and is followed by 350,000 users. Thanks to this platform, it enabled the client to present brand quizzes directly to users, garnering 28,000 completed quizzes over two weeks with 19,601 users participating and 4,814 hours of engagement.

In conjunction, MEC booked Mxit's splash screen advertising - full screen ads that display each time a user launches the site, ensuring that call-to-action is loud and clear. The splash screens were targeted only to young girls, driving them to visit the Kotex app in order to build a substantial community quickly.

Delivering ad messages

Andrew Kramer, head of sales at Mxit comments, "This is one of the largest social youth networks in the country and through it we can deliver brands and ad messages to an essential segment of the population. Advertisers are fast realising that it is a medium that gets brands into mass conversation. It allows brands to build substantial communities around specific demographics such as age, gender and lifestyle, while facilitating a private conversation and unique quantified return on investment, in real time.

"Based on the success of the Kotex campaign, Kimberley Clarke is already considering increased investment in 2014."

Mxit currently has 7.4 million monthly active users, of which 6.5 million are in South Africa. Being device agnostic, over 3000 different handsets and mobile devices can download and access the Mxit platform. By acting as a gateway to functions not otherwise available on feature phones, Mxit affordably bridges the gap between feature and smart phones.

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