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Youth Month Content Feature

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#YouthMonth: Think like these young, creative African females...

Think Creative Hub's cofounders and creative directors Nkgabiseng 'Nkgabi' Motau and Mukondi Ralushayi explain their Cannes Lions links; why they just couldn't ignore feeling the itch of entrepreneurship two years ago, their stellar successes since, and what to do if you're trying to scratch that same itch.
Think Creative Hub’s cofounders and creative directors Nkgabiseng ‘Nkgabi’ Motau and Mukondi Ralushayi.
Think Creative Hub’s cofounders and creative directors Nkgabiseng ‘Nkgabi’ Motau and Mukondi Ralushayi.
Think creative hub, think big, think wide, think innovation, think storytelling, think branding, think design, think people, think different, think advertising, think social change.
That’s what you’re implored to do when you visit the Think Creative Hub website.
The site itself is filled with edgy examples of work that’s funny, funky and fresh from the duo’s Dunkeld-based ‘Our Kitchen’, such as the Bobby ‘Share a Coke’ campaign from their time at FCB, when they also attended the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity in 2015...

Work they've done on their own under Think is just as impressive:

It’s plain to see why the fiery femmes received the Financial Mail AdFocus New Broom Award last year, presented to groundbreaking individuals or small agencies.

Bursting with talent and enthusiasm, Ralushayi and Motau say, “We love working on content that celebrates powerful women doing amazing things.”

They’re also clearly focused on spurring others to grow through creative thinking – as an example of this, both Ralushayi and Motau participated as mentors at last year’s much applauded Loeries’ Open Chair female leadership initiative.

Last year, the duo also judged entries into the 48-hour local film challenge from Cinemark as part of the 2017 Cannes Young Lions competition. They’re clearly all about empowering others and giving them a boost up the career ladder.

This #YouthMonth, we find out just how Think Creative Hub is breaking new ground when it comes to creative thinking…

BizcommunityExplain the context behind starting Think Creative Hub.

Motau: We literally just took the plunge in March 2016. We had been dreaming of starting our own business for a while and it began to feel as though the perfect time would never arrive, so we went for it.
We started for many reasons, including feeling the itch of entrepreneurship and wanting to work towards our own legacy. We also wanted room to explore different ideas at our own pace.

BizcommunityExplain the thinking behind calling yourselves ‘Think’.

Motau: We wanted a simple name that explained what we do. There are so many new businesses in the creative space and we wanted our clients to know exactly what our offering is, creative thought.

BizcommunityIt’s spot on. What’s your competitive advantage or core differentiator over the rest of the industry then?

Ralushayi: As young black women, we have a unique understanding of a target market we are a part of and not externals of, therefore we provide ideas from a perspective that’s not foreign to the market.

BizcommunityExcellent, That doesn’t mean it’s been plain-sailing , though. Share a few of the obstacles you've had to overcome since starting out.

  • We didn’t have an office for the majority of our first year.
  • We received some skepticism about being a two-person team.
  • We were told once or twice that we look young, which I have since decoded as a way to say we seem inexperienced.

BizcommunityAgeism at its worst. What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make a name for themselves in this field?

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice.
  • Don’t pay attention to the naysayers.
  • Always have a great attitude.

BizcommunityShare a few of your proudest achievements thus far.
Ralushayi: We are most proud of the FM Adfocus New Broom Award, the Mesh Club ‘Entrepreneurs who are transforming the industry’ award, and for winning most of the businesses we’ve pitched on!

BizcommunityLet’s end by gazing into the crystal ball. What does the future of entrepreneurship look like to you, especially in South Africa, where it’s such a strong focus?

Motau: To me, the future of entrepreneurship is micro. People are able to work and trade from anywhere on smaller devices, so it feels like the organic next step is for big international corporations to take up less market share and give way to smaller, smarter, indigenous outfits.

Certainly seems the future of business is definitely the fearless African female. Follow Motau and Ralushayi on Twitter and Think Creative Hub on Instagram for the latest updates.

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Leigh Andrews AKA the #MilkshakeQueen, is former Editor-in-Chief: Marketing & Media at, with a passion for issues of diversity, inclusion and equality, and of course, gourmet food and drinks! She can be reached on Twitter at @Leigh_Andrews.
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