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Cell C launches online version of 'Take a Girl Child to Work' campaign

Cell C has launched an online version of its Take a Girl Child to Work Day Programme (TAGCTWD) which is designed to give learners country-wide continuous access to the benefits of campaign and is open to both boy and girl learners.
Image source: Gallo/Getty

The programme includes five courses:

  • Discovering your path
  • Work preparation
  • At the workplace
  • Money
  • Conflict management

It’s aimed at empowering learners by helping them develop skills that they can apply in their school studies, the workplace and beyond.

“The online programme is one of the TAGCTWD advancements this year, developed to offer educational content leaners can engage with online, especially those who are unable to join the TAGCTWD sessions in its current physical form,” says Juliet Mhango, Cell C’s chief human capital development and transformation officer. “We believe this will expand the reach of the initiative and also positively impact both boys and girls.”
“This online programme is accessible to all school-going children nationwide. They can use their cell phones to access the platform and discover a new world of career options. If they’re Cell C subscribers, the platform is zero-rated.”

‘Discovering your path’

Course one, ‘Discovering your path’, is now available and contains five segments. The first is about the importance of self-understanding. This is followed by, section two which focuses on helping leaners develop professional skills. Section three drives the attention on finding the right career path, based on individual personality and interests.

In section four, learners will identify and set their own short and long-term goals. Finally, in section five, they’ll create vision boards and participate in a quiz to test what they’ve learned throughout course one. On successful completion of course one, participants will receive a certificate to recognise their efforts and this they can add to their list of achievements on their CV.
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