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Last chance to enter Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge - are you game?

The Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge is inviting all Grade 8 to 12 learners to participate in their annual five-week competition, which uses gamification to educate high school learners across South Africa to think like entrepreneurs. Around 10,000 learners are expected to take part in this year's challenge, from roughly 1,000 schools.
Last chance to enter Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge - are you game?
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“The challenge aims to transform mindsets and to channel the entrepreneurial potential of young South African learners. Through gamification, the challenge provides high school learners with the industry relevant skills needed to make their mark as emerging entrepreneurs,” says Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge manager, Roheid Ojageer.

The entrepreneurial mindset – how a person thinks, the lens through which they see the world, and how this influences their propensity for entrepreneurial activities and outcomes – can be taught, and this is exactly what Allan Gray Proprietary Limited and the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation set out to do in the Challenge.

Participants will be exposed to enriched content, custom-built to transform mindsets, habits and concepts for young entrepreneurs in the making, and further provide them with practical business-building skills.

Each week, the challenge will introduce learning content associated with themes that are relevant to the current digital age. Learners gain points by completing short tasks each week referred to as ‘micro-challenges’, that aim to equip each participant with an increasingly entrepreneurial orientation. The Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge is assessed using rubric-driven peer reviews conducted by participating students, moderated by teachers and fed into the scoring system. The accumulated points place the learner, their class and their school on a series of live leader boards.

The 2019 Challenge themes are:

  1. Food security
  2. Fourth industrial revolution
  3. Universal healthcare
  4. Affordable housing
  5. Mindset

Last year, over 8,000 high school learners participated in the competition, which used gamification to provide learners in Grade 8 to 12, at more than 600 schools, with access to entrepreneurial thinking and problem-solving. Participating learners demonstrated increased levels of action orientation and resilience following the Challenge.


Schools are required to register online between Thursday 1 August and Sunday 1 September at The Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge will kick off on Monday 2 September.

For more information, view the AGEC Showcase Video below:

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