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Fans love MacGyver Knife's first video

When I say MacGyver, you'll think back to when Richard Dean Anderson played Angus MacGyver. The series was up there with the A-team and Knight Rider. MacGyver is a legendary hero for those who remember him, coming up with the most fantastic of plans to get him out of sticky situations. When I say MacGyver Knife however, you may think hmmm...Swiss army knife that sliced rope causing screw to loosen in chair, chair falls on sledge hammer, hammer breaks chains = great escape. But you'd be way off base on that one.
Fans love MacGyver Knife's first video

If you haven't had the chance as yet to meet Cape Town's up-and-coming indie rock band, MacGyver Knife then I suggest you remedy that, pronto.

The band have just recorded their first video for the single "Why You Mean". The video is produced by Echo Ledge Productons and directed by Matthew Griffiths. Word has it that it will soon make its way to the box on DSTV's MK. But if you can't wait, and you really, really gotta see it CLICK HERE.

I like it. And it seems their fans love it. It's crisp, it's fresh, it's backwards - no really, it is. A fall-out between a couple is replayed backwards and Mishal Pandie (lead vocalist) seems to be singing backwards as well - crazy stuff. You have to see it for yourself to really appreciate the craftiness of this video. It's different and in my book different is always good.

Says Mishal Pandie on the concept behind the video: "The concept came mainly from Matthew Griffiths, the director of the video. I think the main thing we trying to show is how arguments often start over trivial things, and they escalate out of proportion to the actual reason they started in the first place. We thought ending the story by showing how it started will make people see this. Sometimes we can be unnecessarily mean."

The band are also currently recording two other tracks, "The Ballad of Mary-Lou and The Guy" and "Stumble", which they say should be ready in early April 2009. They've also promised to start gigging again soon so ake sure you catch them live as well. You'll be blown away!

For more on MacGyver Knife and to listen to some of their tracks CLICK HERE and HERE.

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