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#BizTrends2022: WATCH: Khangelani Dziba discusses future prospects facing the ad industry

The world at large has seen significant changes taking place and influencing how the world operates. In many ways, it has introduced a new world order that has forced many industries to pivot and add value not only for the clients that they service, but the consumers they all are scrambling to win over with their efforts.

The advertising industry is one such segment that has found itself at the centre of all the changes and has had to continuously show how it can continue to add value in the marketplace.

Khangelani Dziba, divisional head of PR & Influencers Partnerships at Rapt Creative, shares more about their observations of the industry and how as an agency they see the world of advertising meeting with the current demands of today's consumer and the future prospects face the industry.

Can you identify the key macro and micro trends that have disrupted the advertising industry in the past few years and say what the implications of those have been?

How important are cultural and contextural trends when it comes to resonating with today's consumers?

How and why paying attention to trends benefitted your industry or sector?

What trends do you see taking hold in 2022?

About Khangelani Dziba

Khangelani Dziba is the divisional head of PR & influencer partnerships at Rapt Creative. They are a Master in Brand Leadership graduate from Vega School and are passionate about gender, diversity, and inclusion in brand advertising.

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